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Finding Patterns
I have tried to create multiple patterns using the normal generator. When I save them, I get a notif
2 MagicalBibble 1479 6 years ago
by MagicalBibble
Non repeating patterns
So in the patterns I have seen non repeating patterns, and I'm somewhat confused because the generat
1 archersilva 1499 6 years ago
by archersilva
RE: Which String to use of same colour?
deleted thread
0 usr321 254 6 years ago
by KnotterHolic
Generator on an iPad or tablet
About a month ago I found a link on this website which allowed me to generate normal patterns on my
4 Trendywrist44 1579 6 years ago
by kleinevos
Kumihimo Wheel Designer
Hello!! This might be a mistake on my part but if I try to create a new Wheel for a kumihimo, si
1 RobinSnow 1698 6 years ago
by kleinevos
just with computer?
Excuse me, I use this site by my tablet and mobile. So I can't generate patterns easily and I can't
2 mary_iran 1322 6 years ago
by mary_iran
How to edit DESCRIPTION when pattern is complete and accepted?
Hi, I was wondering how can I edit the description of a pattern I made? If anyone knows please re
4 Tikilishi 1257 7 years ago
by Tikilishi
Kumihimo Generator string number
Is there a reason that the generator adds and removes strings in multiples of four instead of multip
3 JustMalea 1299 7 years ago
by JustMalea
(For the Admin) I wish the old Alfa Pattern Generator ...
Hello [b]Admin[/b], first of all, [u]thank[/u] you very much for taking the time in this post. I
0 XcUiDi 1169 7 years ago
by XcUiDi
Need help generating this pattern!!
Hello i need help creating this pattern in the normal Generater, alll i would like is the AIM and th
5 Demonic_Fox6548 1933 7 years ago
by zhoana

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