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emosterjpeg wrote 4 days ago

I made a lot of bracelets when I was in middle/high school. Now I'm in college and I've pulled out all my thread. Glad to see this resource is still going

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Pawsknot2_0 wrote 4 days ago

Is there a way to save patterns for later like a to do list?

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Octavvv wrote 10 days ago

Hello, can anyone help me find the pattern for this? This picture is too blurry for me... Thank you https://ibb.co/0YT5Lzb

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Jeannine Hartmann wrote 16 days ago

Guten Tag Ich habe eine frage, ein Freund von mir möchte ein Freundschaftsband von mir Knüpft bekommen. Er würde gerne den Hintergrung schwarz, den ersten Buchstanden rot und die restlichen weiss. Wie kann ich das machen? Besten dank für Ihre Hilfe. Freundlicher Gruss Jeannine Hartmann

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halokiwi wrote 17 days ago

Private message.

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