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piggyfan2 wrote 18 hours ago

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Michelle wrote 2 days ago

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Siurell wrote 2 days ago

Hi Kleinevos. Me again. it't to report a new problem. It happens that when you want to print the generated pattern it turns out that it prints the whole page, that is, A4, when previously, depending on the pattern, half of the A4 was enough. What happen? That there is an excessive waste of paper and depending the printer of toner or ink. I want you to understand my criticisms regarding the new "generator" system, they want to be constructive. Sorry for... but I most say.

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halokiwi wrote 3 days ago

I'm new to this website. How often are there new patterns and how many new ones are there in a day usually?

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Natalie wrote 3 days ago

When I try to search or filter a certain word such as "tear" or "cat", the page shuts down or tells me it's being worked on.

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