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A collection of links to other sites related to friendship bracelets.

3sistercreations - Custom order Friendship bracelets Report

You can order name bracelets and many of the patterns you see on this site in any color you would like.

Alex's Innovations Report

Custom made jewelry, including friendship bracelets and circuitboard earrings! :)

AlysKnackForKnots (Etsy Shop) Report

Custom bracelets on Etsy!

Artesanía Siglo XXI - RAD & DEG (FB) Report

Artesanías en hilos macrame ,puro algodon

Artesanias Siglo XXI (blog) Report

Bracelet photo blog

artistshelpingchildren.org Report

Lots of instructions on how to make friendship bracelets.

Bracelets By Jen Report

My personal Etsy shop

Bracelets d'Helene (French) Report

French tutorials to make friendship bracelets and other creations related with friendship bracelets

Braceletsbyana (lostflight2's Etsy Shop) Report

Looking for fun, funky, handmade bracelets for you or your friends? Well you're in the right place! Can't find exactly what you want? I do custom orders! I can make almost anything you can imagine.

Carrie's Etsy Shop Report

Carrie Bea's Accessories, where you can custom order any pattern to be made into a bracelet.

Celtic Knot Generator Report

This application can be interesting for generating celtic knot patterns and convert them into an alpha pattern with another program later on. The result can be downloaded as PNG. Enjoy!

Claire's Wears (Etsy) Report

Friendship Bracelets made by me and shipped worldwide!

CraftaholicCarrie (Etsy shop) Report

Charmed_1/C Ann Mc Etsy Shop that sells handmade items.

Crafts With Our Own Hands (FB) Report

Crafts made by 1 of three generations of women... Sewing, crocheting, jewelry, needlework, rhinestone embellishments and much, much more!

Csomókból Csodát (blog) Report

Friendship bracelets blog in the Hungarian language.

Dorkification (Etsy shop) Report

Neese80's shop, specializing in custom orders and geek related items.

Dutchies Bracelets Report

On this page I will show you my work and some of the items will be sold on Etsy

Fantastische Welt der Armbänder Report

German DIY site with lots of tutorials for all kind of bracelets.

FBCalc program Report

Easily create own bracelet pattern and give you many important informations about it, including string lengths!

fene4ki.ru Report

One of the most popular friendship bracelet site in Russia.

Foz's Rainbowmadness (Etsy shop) Report

A place of bracelets and rainbows. Come and shop, fellow braceleteers :-)

Free patterns online Report

This site gives lots of fancy alpha patterns, if you know how to make Alpha bracelets, this will be awesome for you!

freundschaftsbaender.at Report

A collection of friendship bracelets. Free patterns!

FriendBird - Friendship Bracelets Exchange Report

FriendBird is dedicated to the exchange of friendship bracelets and handicraft ideas with the whole world. You can send a friendship bracelet to a random user and receive a bracelet from another person in return. Share your bracelets with the world as symbols of friendship and peace.:)

Friendship Bracelets Report

A blog with great photos of friendship bracelets and beaded work.

Friendship Knots Report

A website with drawn tutorials with easy instructions and different information to help you make awesome friendship bracelets.

Fusion Knots by JD Report

This site shows lots different knot patterns for bracelet making. JD uses paracord, but these can definitely be applied to whatever your string preference is. There are YouTube tutorials for every bracelet which are slowed down and very easy to follow. The patterns on this site are fun, and will make a bracelet a LOT faster.

Gifts by Sian (Etsy Shop) Report

Acid's bracelets for sale on Etsy

Jbrans Blog Report

Friendship bracelets blog

KandiPatterns.com Report

Patterns on pony bead bracelets. Can inspire to make good friendship bracelet patterns also.

Karkotocsomozas Report

Hungarian Friendship Bracelet site

KleinevosCrafts (Etsy shop) Report

acrame jewelry and decorations, knotted by kleinevos

Kumihimo Doro-Mikaeru Report

Facebook Page with kumihimo creations.

Leora's ShepsShop522 (Etsy Shop) Report

Selling friendship bracelets for reasonable prices

Little snips (Etsy shop) Report

Friendship bracelets, loom band bracelets, beaded jewelry and boxes.

Lucky Rat Jewellery Report

Macrame and Friendship Jewellery

Macramè con stile Report

Blog with tutorials macramé to exchange ideas, information and news.

Macrame School (Facebook) Report

Macrame School - Macrame Training on Facebook

Manimanillas (Instagram) Report

Instagram- for Pictures, vídeos and tutorials about how to weave friendship bracelets

Marina Ulmer's friendship bracelets.de Report

Order professionally made pattern-instructions from an incredible german woman called Marina. None of her patterns can be found here because of copyright protection. I really recommend you take a look at her patterns!

MauChanShop (Etsy shop) Report

Here you can buy friendship bracelets made by me. I also take custom orders.

McCrea Bracelets (itsmccrea) Report

itsmccrea This is where I keep track of bracelets that I have created, and plan to sell or maybe even give them away to others. So enjoy my gallery of what I have created.

MichelleMadeMoments on Etsy Report

Etsy Shop for top quality friendship bracelets, bookmarks, keychains and other custom orders!

MichelleMadeMoments on Facebook Report

Facebook page for top quality friendship bracelets, bookmarks, keychains and other custom orders!

Náramky-Priatelstva (FB) Report

Facebook page about friendship bracelets and everything like that.

Naramkypratelstvi.cz Report

A Czech site with lots of pictures and stuff related to friendship bracelets.

Oasis Strings (Etsy) Report

Shop that sells ribbon-crimped, handmade bracelets and anklets

PickSomeColors (Etsy shop) Report

Etsy shop for bracelets by PickSomeColors, aka Tiffany.

Promisebracelets (Shop) Report

I make and sell bracelets! Also check out more bracelets at; wix.com/promisebracelets/promisebracelets

Shedrem Hadmade Crafts Report

Order your DIY kit of any Friendship Bracelet or Beaded bracelet, Yarn and bead or ask me to knit it for you.

ShugLok (FB) Report

piggyfan2's facebook page

ShugLok - piggyfan2 (Etsy shop) Report

Great bracelets and other handmade goods for sale!

ShugLok | Michelle (Instagram) Report

piggyfan2's instagram account for crafts and bracelets!

Sukkar Pulsera (FB) Report

Site for my handmade bracelets.

The Candy Striped Lizard (FB) Report

Just my humble little Facebook page. I sell on ebay from time to time, but this is mostly just to show off :D

Throwin' Wristicuffs by TonyMarinara (Tumblr Blog) Report

Blog featuring pictures of my friendship bracelets, paracord bracelets, and whatever else.

Tutorial Paracord Bracelet (2 color Survival Bracelets) Report

How to Make 2 color Survival Bracelets on Homemade gifts made easy.

Victor's Crafts (FB) Report

It's all about handmade :)

Wiki-How: Make a Friendship Bracelet Report

Step by step guide how to make the standard friendship bracelet.

Wikipedia: Friendship bracelets Report

Here you can read a little about the friendship bracelet technique and definition.

With love, from me to you (FB) Report

Macrame things on Facebook