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Bracelet pattern length
Hi , I greatly appreciate this page and hope to learn so much more from it. I'm doing pattern 5124 S
2 Strongheart 207 last month
by Strongheart
elongated bracelet
Hello everyone, I could use your help! When I make alpha bracelets, they are super long. Howe
5 Elisa49 453 2 months ago
by kleinevos
Changing colours of a current pattern.
Am new to this forum, please help me. I am wanting to change colours of a pattern that is alread
4 LunaCrow 713 4 months ago
by kleinevos
how to print a pattern that has repeating large pattern?
Okay here it is I have done repeating pattern before but now things have changed again. And whenever
1 Harleydragon 141 4 months ago
by Celicia
What is the largest normal pattern you can post/design using the generator?
In "why was my pattern rejected" it's stated that a pattern larger than 125x125 knots will be declin
1 halokiwi 245 4 months ago
by kleinevos
Pending pattern
How long does it take for a pattern to get approved?
1 agabrels 455 7 months ago
by kleinevos
He generado varios patrones de pulseras y ninguno ha sido publicado, es decir, no aparecen quiero sa
1 Tempy 254 7 months ago
by halokiwi
Suggesting alternate knotting structures for existing patterns
Hello, sometimes I see a pattern and I think that there would be a different way of knotting it that
1 halokiwi 281 8 months ago
by kleinevos
Pending pattern
#107613 row 10 left side out string is grey is supposed to be yellow. Also grey is supposed to be bl
1 Nerina 321 10 months ago
by kleinevos
Making a variation
I'm after changing the colours of normal pattern #9404. I can see from another post that there is no
2 thebookdevourer 307 10 months ago
by halokiwi

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