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Changing colours of a current pattern.
Am new to this forum, please help me. I am wanting to change colours of a pattern that is alread
2 LunaCrow 196 last month
by LunaCrow
Idea for new generator save: recolour mode for personal use
I think the generator tool is really helpful for redesigning an existing pattern with the colours yo
23 littlemissH 1750 last month
by kleinevos
Bug with the kumihimo generator
Using it from Android and every time I try to recolor the last thread in the pattern, it always brea
2 Nathalie-cat 213 last month
by Nathalie-cat
im trying to generate an aboriginal flag pattern which is a red and black horizontal stripes with a
5 clofty 631 4 months ago
by Celicia
where is the zoom?
I attempted tp put a normal pattern in the generator and it was imposible becaue i could not zoom in
4 princess_5775 291 5 months ago
by princess_5775
How do I use the kumihimo generator
I have no idea what I'm doing someone pls help
1 Knz_cali 293 6 months ago
by kleinevos
Favorite patterns
Can anyone please tell me how to access my "loved" patterns? Im very new to this website so any help
2 obxfan101 370 7 months ago
by obxfan101
How do you view a saved regular pattern?
I just reproduced a pattern with opposite colors, where can I go to view it even if it's pending?
2 Smoothrolling 337 8 months ago
by kleinevos
Name Pattern Rows
I'm using the name pattern generator to create a bracelet with a short quote on it. My only problem
3 SheWolf430 616 8 months ago
by kleinevos
Error message when submitting patterns?
Hi! I was just trying to submit a pattern via the normal pattern generator, but when I clicked 'save
2 SHARKz7 309 9 months ago
by SHARKz7

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