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  • 12/27/15


My name is Allison, I'm from Canada, 25 years old, and I'm a Christian. I love making bracelets! I've been using Friendship-bracelets.net for a few years before I decided to sign up. My favourite colour is green and I really like orange too. :)
The thickest bracelet I have currently made is 62 strings long (Pattern #58184).
Other stuff about me: I love traveling, animals, photography, and being outdoors. I currently have an aquarium filled with awesome fish. I also love rabbits- I've had one rabbit who gave lots of licks and kisses. :)
I joined the Moderator team on October 13, 2016! :)

Monthly Challenges (PoTM's) won: #31
Bi-weekly Contests won:#152, Jan. 2016, #159, April/May 2016, #168, August/Sept. 2016
Swaps participated in:
Endless Knots: Bracelets received: Patterns #93166 (Kleinevos-The Netherlands), #89389 (Arismende-Austria) and #39870 (Greengrl26-USA) Mine went to Kleinevos, Greengrl26 and Arismende. :)
Private swap with Marjar (Gaby in Mexico)

Prize bracelets I've sent out to: Stefanie7