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Normal patterns
Normal patterns don't work on my iPad HELP!
1 Puppydog2013 1361 7 years ago
by kleinevos
Send a pattern that i don't wnat to be published
I was playing around with the generator, and pushed the save button. I don't want to save the patter
2 hegos 1386 7 years ago
by hegos
Multiple Alpha Patterns Rejected
In the past few weeks, I have had 4 of 5 Alpha patterns rejected. I have seen some pretty crappy alp
2 WolfeC 1338 7 years ago
by WolfeC
Android please!
The generator doesnt work on my android i wish it did! : (
18 aprilangel 2466 7 years ago
by aprilangel
why was te pattern rejected
I came up with a nice pattern my pattern was rejected I have read the rules but my pattern had nothi
8 805d805 1421 7 years ago
by FatnSassy
How Long?
Hello, I was just wondering what the longest it could take for my patterns to be rejected or accepte
1 _Braclets_101 1357 7 years ago
by iheartmrbump
Generator Suggestion
It would be nice that the Generator tells you which number is the pattern rejected because it alread
0 angeleden 1390 7 years ago
by angeleden
can i please have some tips for the generator
I have a lot of rejected patterns I don't know how to make them acceptable to be published
2 805d805 1316 7 years ago
by Sammoning
I'm not sure why rejected?
Hi! I submitted a pattern of a polarbear on grass and i'm not too sure why it was rejected. First pa
5 Honeybee_04 1401 7 years ago
by Sammoning
Can someone make me a pattern?
If anyone is familiar with the book series/movie Beautiful Creatures, which you should be cause they
1 Tink 1681 7 years ago
by momoMv12

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