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Is it possible to use GIMP to help make Alpha Patterns?
For me, it's kind of hard making Alpha Patterns in the generator. Is it possible to use GIMP to help
6 melbel 2328 5 years ago
by PetertheRoman
How do alpha patterns
there any program or something to pixelate pictures or something? thanks.
4 bohee 1602 5 years ago
by PetertheRoman
I reaaaaally would love to make a bracelet of a LA Lakers logo that looks like this: http://image
8 ElroyGo 1803 5 years ago
by PetertheRoman
I was wanting to know when you save the name pattern where it goes?
1 437Meridian_ 1191 5 years ago
by xisks
Suggestion for future updates
I was thinking, that if you ever plan on updating the pattern generator the following things would b
6 Laytons_pa 1537 5 years ago
by Laytons_pa
The Generator Needs an Undo Button!!!
I was just using the generator for making a bracelet and I accidentally pressed the wrong button and
2 liz010 1575 5 years ago
by thematt711
Turning patterns upside down
Hey, I was wondering, does anyone by any chance have any tips on turning normal patterns upside dow
5 Laytons_pa 1416 5 years ago
by Laytons_pa
pattern too large
Hi, When I want to save my pattern I have this message: "The pattern could not be saved. The dimens
4 Mady383 1255 5 years ago
by Mady383
Alpha pattern disappeared :(
Hi guys. I was making an alpha pattern. It was almost finished. my pattern was a large one. suddenly
3 Echelon 1242 5 years ago
by Echelon
alpha pattern is rejected
Hi. I made a pattern. but it was rejected. I want to know why it is rejected?
4 Echelon 1301 5 years ago
by Echelon

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