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Need help generating this pattern!!
Hello i need help creating this pattern in the normal Generater, alll i would like is the AIM and th
5 Demonic_Fox6548 1729 5 years ago
by zhoana
Normal Pattern Generator
Quick question, hopefully someone has figured this out.. Is there a way to save a generated patte
1 organized_chaos 1254 5 years ago
by kleinevos
Saving Normal Patterns while you work so you can edit them later???
PLEASE tell me that there is some kind of way to edit my patterns before they get rejected because I
3 majestica1 1300 5 years ago
by kleinevos
change pending pattern
Hi, I just admitted a new pattern, #83110 and only after saving I saw that color B is the wrong colo
4 crazyleprechaun 1870 6 years ago
by Foz
This pattern doesn't exist
Hy! First, I think you will understand my bad English... I tried to create/find patterns I found e
7 Freigeist 1405 6 years ago
by Arismende
Kumihimo patterns
First...I like the old way the generator worked. I always have trouble. I want the circle I click on
5 bodine_6 1757 6 years ago
by bodine_6
How to submit a non-repeating monster?
There' s a deep secret surrounding some "normal" patterns... They would be mostly non-repeating, whi
4 PetertheRoman 1477 6 years ago
by PetertheRoman
Is it possible to use GIMP to help make Alpha Patterns?
For me, it's kind of hard making Alpha Patterns in the generator. Is it possible to use GIMP to help
6 melbel 2444 6 years ago
by PetertheRoman
How do alpha patterns
there any program or something to pixelate pictures or something? thanks.
4 bohee 1715 6 years ago
by PetertheRoman
I reaaaaally would love to make a bracelet of a LA Lakers logo that looks like this: http://image
8 ElroyGo 1907 6 years ago
by PetertheRoman

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