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where can i veiw my pending pattern?
ive made a pattern and it is pending, it took me quite a while but I didn't jot down the number of i
2 ShuGal 1484 6 years ago
by liz010
Hi! I was wondering if there was any way I could change my username??
1 scwizard25 1364 7 years ago
by Kestrel
how can I create a pattern to make a bracelet like this?
0 Maria_rosaria70 1638 7 years ago
by Maria_rosaria70
pattern not being saved
Hi my patterns are not showing up after I post them.How do I get them to show up?
3 nscarpelli 1375 7 years ago
by kleinevos
Normal patterns
Normal patterns do not work on my nook!
0 nscarpelli 1285 7 years ago
by nscarpelli
colours in pattern generator
Hello, I have an idea to improve your generator. I can hardly imagine COLOURS of a pattern which I w
6 TheDentist 1797 7 years ago
by chinagal914
How do I create a description for a new pattern?
I was wondering if there was a way to add a description to a pattern, either as it is created, or af
3 EdBlair 1475 7 years ago
by Foz
Problems with Alternative Generator
I am using the Alternative Generator and having trouble pasting rplacement text (same size) into the
0 antiprism 1540 7 years ago
by antiprism
Is there a way to paste into generator?
Is there a way to paste an image into the generator from another program like Paint? Creating a patt
1 RedJane 1440 7 years ago
by antiprism
Can anyone help me with a pattern?
I want to make a bracelet with this http://stormfront.org/graphics/eaglena2.jpg. The problem is I d
3 TheDreamer 1578 7 years ago
by LoLka_LoL

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