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none of my patterns have been posted????
none of my patterns, from 25 string to 4 string have been posted. they saved, but were rejected. i h
3 meercatred 1215 4 years ago
by Sammoning
I can't upload my photo??
I have to go to patterns to upload my photo, but I don't see it anywhere on the page?? Please help
9 Beaulynn 1448 4 years ago
by kleinevos
can't find saved pattern
i tried the generator for the first time about a week ago. worked over an hour on a pattern and I th
1 Liv4Friendship 1268 4 years ago
by kleinevos
Bug with Kumihimo Wheel Designer???
I tried to design a Kimihimo pattern, but after I chose the colour I wanted to use I tried clicking
9 Allison98 1652 5 years ago
by kleinevos
deleted thread
6 usr321 103 5 years ago
by kleinevos
I cannot save it ???
What repeating ? What should I do ? I changed only colors not arrows, and added more. I added knot
1 20xana 1152 5 years ago
by kleinevos
How to edit/change already existing patterns?
Hi everyone! I was wondering if there is any way we could edit or change the colors of an already ex
3 Trollishka 1577 5 years ago
by Trollishka
Mistake in saved pattern
I saved a pattern about an hour ago and found two little mistakes afterwards. Is there a way to chan
4 Schneeleopard 1639 5 years ago
by kleinevos
Cannot find my Alpha pattern even I saved it and agreed for publishing
Hello! I made an Alpha pattern around half an hour ago but I cannot find it in my "pending patterns
5 Blubberina 1273 5 years ago
by Blubberina
Somebody wrote this for me
Hi, I've made many different patterns and most of them have been rejected. I don't know why this has
2 Pzamora 1199 5 years ago
by Pzamora

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