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?puedo usar una imagen para crear un patron?
quisiera hacer un patron en base a una imagen que me gusta pero no s? como se hace
7 Marsita 643 2 years ago
by Hulme
Generator not working?
Is the generator not working? It is not loading for me.
8 Cardsbyjenj 2084 2 years ago
by softballlover28
How to place alpha patterns now?
I created my patterns
3 Lolita6669 623 2 years ago
by kleinevos
Dimensions too big?
I just spent several hours working on a pattern in Generator 3 and it will not let me save it statin
7 LindyHopper 1970 2 years ago
by kleinevos
Future of the generator?
Since flash player is going to be decommissioned in 2020, what does that mean for the generator? Doe
2 Miirages 864 2 years ago
by fb101
color palette hard to use
I really like the generator, but the color palette is hard for me to use. I have trouble finding col
12 AAAAARIADNE 1981 2 years ago
by fb101
RE: best-tremolo
deleted thread
0 usr321 392 3 years ago
by RobertRoth
Can't save pattern even though it is repeating
I was trying to recreate a pattern with different colors so I could follow the pattern # 46016 but w
2 theresan 1188 3 years ago
by theresan
duplicate patterns?
I generated a pattern based off an old Hbernb TripleTwist No 5, but it is already onsite. So does it
2 KnottyArtist09 1011 4 years ago
by KnottyArtist09
Idea For Another Generator
Hi! I love bracelet making and customizing my own colors, so I thought it would be cool if this site
3 janeyy 1669 4 years ago
by janeyy

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