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Ways to Hold Down Bracelet While Making It
I use tape and as I go along, I put more tap down and it secures it pretty well. I ran out of the go
15 Lialove 21069 last year
by tommyorlando
how to make the bracelet don't roll
I would like to know how to finish the bracelets since all the bracelets that I do end up rolling wi
1 gabichuela 1312 last year
by tommyorlando
Changing Pattern Colors
When I don't like the colors a pattern is generated in, I take the pattern into PSP9 and use the col
4 iveg0tfangz 3003 last year
by Rbadger
I am trying to do the teardrop loop for a bigger pattern The only problem I am having is knowing t
2 judo 1036 last year
by zoeyllm
Wide friendship-bracelet
Sorry, I don't know English, so I use a translator. Could you tell me, please, is there a very broad
3 Lolita6669 1533 2 years ago
by Abless
Strings length
Hi everyone! I have done a lot of bracelets so I know better now the length I need for my strings w
1 Odanak1811 2649 2 years ago
by Neo7
what type of glue to fasten ends knots?
I find that my end knots come out after only about a week. What kind of glue would be best to glue t
13 WJB2 15824 2 years ago
by Rururong
String length - mathematical solution
Hey, people! A long time ago I found a forum thread about [URL=https://www.friendship-bracelets.net
19 lele97 10141 2 years ago
by AslanTheMelon
Kumihimo String Length
For those of you just starting out doing kumihimo bracelets, you don't need to cut the string as lon
5 Rachel_D 9493 3 years ago
by kleinevos
Washing glow in the dark thread
Hi! Recently I bought some dmc's glow in the dark floss, and I was planning on doing a kumihimo lany
3 Dai 1275 3 years ago
by Dai

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