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Clipboard replacement by Lumeha 4 years ago

I just thought I would share, because it's what I have been doing in the past few weeks since I have begun making bracelets :)

I am always seeing people recommending using clipboards to hold the bracelet down while you are tying, but for some reason, I couldn't find a clipboard where I live (France if you are curious). I ended up buying some binder clips for cheap (like... 1? ?) and took a thin, rigid picture book I had in my personal library (that could be replaced by anything that is rigid enough to be honest), and combining the two makes a pretty good makeshift clipboard

(sometimes I also use the binder clips to hold down the bracelet on something else, like my jeans - I tend to prefer them to safety pins for that :) )

RE: Clipboard replacement by elkeliini 4 years ago

yep, same issue here. clipboards are a thing of the past it seems. So i also bought binder clips. Out of a package of catfood (nice and strudy cardboard) i cut an A5 sized rectangle. I find the smaller size to be easier to work on than A4, like a clipboard. I work in the sofa with the thing on my lap.

The binder clips also have the advantage that they are flat and will hold your sorted thread in the sorted order. This way you can make your first row "against" the flat of the clip and it will be very neat.

RE: Clipboard replacement by Allison98 (moderator) 4 years ago

Usually you can get clipboards at a dollar store or (In North America), Staples or Walmart. They can be tricky to find though. I find that using a safety pin on my jeans or a blanket/towel works best for me. :)

RE: Clipboard replacement by psyched4string_ 3 years ago

I use a safety pin & a good sized lap pillow!

RE : Clipboard replacement by coastal_vocals last year

I am curious, for people who use clipboards, do you find that holding just the top of the bracelet is sturdy enough once it gets longer? For those who use binder clips, do you fold the bracelet itself under the clip so it is held closer to where you are working, or do you just leave it clipped at the top?

I find that I want to have the bracelet secured close to the row where I'm working, but I am nervous that folding the bracelet under my binder clip will stretch/damage it.

RE : Clipboard replacement by kleinevos (moderator) last year

I only clip it at the top, sometimes with an additional piece of tape under the clip. I don’t move it when it gets longer. I like the be able to see the full knotted part and I often pull the whole thing in shape while knotting to keep everything nice and straight. That won’t work if it’s pinned down close to where I knot.

RE : Clipboard replacement by coastal_vocals last year

Thanks for the reply! I was experimenting with securing it at different places last night, and I don't think there's anything wrong with just clipping it at the top, I just have to get used to it.

RE : Clipboard replacement by princess_5775 last year

You could always use the old fashioned cork board and pins.

RE : Clipboard replacement by Sammoning (moderator) last year

or instead of taping it, i think a big rubber band around the width of the clipboard can also work for that
but then you do need to find a pretty big one

RE : Clipboard replacement by linzpods last year

I use my string bobbin organizer box and some mini duct tape or washi tape. It does leave some residue, but this way I always have some of my string wherever I go and I can store finished bracelets or works in progress if I want to work on a new pattern.


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