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For when you mess up by amandaorly last year

Hey all! I'm new here but been using the site for patterns for a whiiiile. I used to just move on through mess ups but as I've improved the skill, I pay close attention to making every knot precise. When I notice that I've done a knot or sometimes a whole row incorrectly, I use a toothpick to take em out!!!
Just wanted to share. Its been really helpful having something to pull out my mistakes. :)

RE : For when you mess up by ribbitfrog last year

Another item you can use is a safety pin!

RE : For when you mess up by EdBlair 10 months ago

I keep a pearl headed straight pin around when I am knotting for just that purpose. I usually do my knotting on a cloth towel, so the pin is just stuck in that for easy access.

As much as you don't want to do the extra work to fix mistakes, leaving them in to mock you for the rest of your life whenever you look at the bracelet is even worse. :-)


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