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quick way to tie 1212 patterns? by ArCee 6 months ago

Hey y'all, someone 10 years ago on here said something about tying 1212 patterns in a V and doing \\\ and then //// and I have no idea what that means.

I'm currently working on Pattern #70389 and while it's not exactly a 1212 pattern, it's mostly fbk and bfk's all the way down. It's my first pattern I've tried where I couldn't just do straight up diagonal blocks with the same thread like you can with normal patterns. Tips are awesome. Y'all are awesome.

RE : quick way to tie 1212 patterns? by halokiwi 6 months ago

I think what they mean is that they knot it like a chevron (pattern 2), so not row by row but in v shapes.

You could check out this tutorial on segment knotting https://friendship-bracelets.net/tutorials/1849

While the pattern you mention can only be partially segment knotted, it might be still useful to knot those parts in segments. For that I recommend taking a screenshot of the pattern or printing it and then drawing the segments into it.


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