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Beading patterns
Hey all! I am new to beading, and I am trying to find some patterns for my bead loom. Can you help m
1 Rainbow_123 1169 3 years ago
by Shifa
Protecting your fingers?
Hi guys! I?m finally back into tying bracelets after another long hiatus and I was running into a
5 Vladimeerkat 2142 3 years ago
by JBDess
Keeping track of your patterns
I decided to share a method that I've been using for a while that helps me keep track of my patterns
1 Can_You_Knot 1413 3 years ago
by Allison98
Tips to make the back of Alphas look clean?
Just finished my first Alpha bracelets and there's straggly threads at the back - how do you guys gl
4 bplr 2210 3 years ago
by Allison98
Cleaning polyester bracelets?
I use waxed polyester string for my bracelets, the string is very bright and clean when I first make
2 Bingo 1846 3 years ago
by Bingo
Selling bracelets
quick question. Where does everyone sell their bracelets?? I would like to get into selling mine so
2 Gimpy1340 2095 3 years ago
by leorashep
Bass Strap
Hey guys! Long time no see - but besides being busy enjoying my vacations, I've actually been secr
3 Veri 1389 4 years ago
by Veri
Making bracelets while traveling?
Hi all! I am currious, do you make bracelets while traveling? I usaully take my small A5-clip
8 Flexiy 2399 4 years ago
by star7
What do you use to hold down your bracelet when you make it?
Right now I've been just pining them to my pants with a safety pin, but with the more complicated pa
35 bbydoll_kirby 10100 4 years ago
by G_Y_Purple
Length taken for each knot
Good morning, afternoon or evening! So I was trying to find some information needed for my project
2 Nimi_chan 1554 4 years ago
by kleinevos

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