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What do you use to hold down your bracelet when you make it?
Right now I've been just pining them to my pants with a safety pin, but with the more complicated pa
35 bbydoll_kirby 8663 2 years ago
by G_Y_Purple
Length taken for each knot
Good morning, afternoon or evening! So I was trying to find some information needed for my project
2 Nimi_chan 1216 2 years ago
by kleinevos
Help with finishing
Hi. I wonder how could i finish my bracelet? I made for example a bracelet with 12 strings. I make a
4 jessinha 3330 3 years ago
by EdBlair
How do I stop my chevrons from becoming lopsided?
they're going off center and tilting one direction slightly when I tie them. does it matter how i ce
3 Shifa 1441 3 years ago
by Allison98
Is it possible to make earings with a friendship bracelet patterns? I was thinking using the same co
4 TweedyBird 2336 3 years ago
by DNEW2016
Photoshop Your Colors into a Pattern
My color-picking skills are in the quantal state of being great or dreadful, so I found a trick to s
2 MarenAnne6 1539 3 years ago
by Giulia52
Taking videos
Hi everyone! I really want to make video tutorials but I don't know where to position my phone/camer
1 terisan07 1314 3 years ago
by SherryDurr
Good photography
Hi there, I'd love to hear your tips for taking fantastic and engaging photos of your work?
4 DusterFan 1278 3 years ago
by DusterFan
How to make thicker bracelets?
I really want to start making thicker and more impressive bracelets, such as pattern #25227, but I h
4 OOAKforest 4135 3 years ago
by Allison98
Leather cuffs with magnetic clasp
I`ve been long planning to make a more elaborate boho gipsy bracelet, where knoted friendship bracel
1 Inesita 1390 3 years ago
by Sammoning

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