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general length
whats generally a good length to cut all your strings to?
6 sally242 2201 8 years ago
by Tlotr13
I have noticed that some comments and stuff have hearts in it. How can I do it? Thanks!
3 liz010 1992 8 years ago
by liz010
New shop help !!
I want to start selling bracelets but thing is i dont know how long should i make the braids and th
3 trolling_925 1940 8 years ago
by Goura
Normal pattern generator won't work with iphone!
I need a link or help with the normal pattern generator because it won't work with my iphone 4, so p
1 Jess_Ann9 1744 8 years ago
by Puppydog2013
Hey people I don't wanna sound stupid but I was just wondering how to know what lengths of strings f
6 Sarysha123 8228 8 years ago
by Rissa
How to organize string better
So i was just browsing the internet trying to find good ways to organize my thread because I just ha
6 les_con 6809 8 years ago
by Firewing
how do you....
ive been making bracelets for a few months now, and i see more often than not that people are using
9 sovietunion 2403 8 years ago
by chek101
How to make the..
loop. Okay, so I've seen many bracelets now with a "special" loop. Like where you put the strand
3 Fajura 2493 8 years ago
by GoetzJames
hi , i need help
hello, I'm new to the Forum wanted to know if someone speaks Spanish, for help me:) thanks: D
2 neeL 2230 8 years ago
by Reina
Using up Excess Thread
I found this [url=http://www.linesacross.com/2012/08/make-your-own-beads.html?m=1]DIY Beads[/url] tu
12 chibi_ragnarok 5079 8 years ago
by lalalaura

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