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How to make the..
loop. Okay, so I've seen many bracelets now with a "special" loop. Like where you put the strand
3 Fajura 2202 6 years ago
by GoetzJames
hi , i need help
hello, I'm new to the Forum wanted to know if someone speaks Spanish, for help me:) thanks: D
2 neeL 1993 6 years ago
by Reina
Using up Excess Thread
I found this [url=http://www.linesacross.com/2012/08/make-your-own-beads.html?m=1]DIY Beads[/url] tu
12 chibi_ragnarok 4421 6 years ago
by lalalaura
Cool ways to end a bracelet
Does anybody have any cool ways to end a kumihimo bracelet. I've seen ones that end with metal clasp
2 ILoveLucy 2514 6 years ago
by ILoveLucy
Yarn Brand?
What brand of yarn do people use for bracelets? I've only ever used embroidery thread, but was given
3 Halvorjc 2130 6 years ago
by Fajura
Is it possible to iron your bracelets? If not, how do you flatten them? I'm about to sell what I've
9 Coral_Cat17 3453 6 years ago
by Tuzyae
help with the back of the bracelet
Whenever i make a bracelet, the front always looks good, but the back sometimes looks bad. I have no
2 seaskulls 2061 6 years ago
by Tuzyae
Softer Bracelets
I find that my bracelets always feel as stiff as cardboard right after I make them (I use basic DMC
9 Raukki 4000 6 years ago
by Amnesiaflower
writing patterns
Hey guys, does anyone know how to write out the patterns (by writing like, FB and BF etc), instead o
3 Em_2710 1952 6 years ago
by Sammoning
creating an alpha pattern from a pic you find on the internet.
Ive seen this question alot, or can anyone make me a pattern of this. Go to braceletbook.com and you
2 Momof_2boys 1765 6 years ago
by Momof_2boys

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