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Any tips to hold your strings in place?
Hello everyone, I have had my difficulties with finding something to keep my strings tightened to
7 GoddieChan 3712 7 years ago
by Dimitjana
can someone please HELP me with string lentgh PLEASE!! X
I really want to make #81037 but I don't know where to start with regards to string length of wider
4 ShuGal 2291 7 years ago
by xMacramex
I think you should create an app for your website. It would be very help full if i could look at and
5 malinanka 2045 7 years ago
by xMacramex
Pattern printout
for those of you guys that like doing big bracelets but can't print them out the right size, you jus
6 Thalia 3412 7 years ago
by MarieCatou
how to double patterns?
Hello, I would love to make a little bag for my cellphone, but I don't understand how I can double a
7 chrissy1 2487 7 years ago
by chrissy1
Keeping flat plain braids straight
Love flat braids. Evenly braided styles are easy to keep straight and square but what about the ones
1 corieltauvus 1850 8 years ago
by kleinevos
Polymer Clay Ends
I sometimes use Sculpey or similar to make findings directly onto the end of a braid. Most cord mate
0 corieltauvus 1592 8 years ago
by corieltauvus
How can I attach a spring ring on thin normal bracelets (8-14 strings)?
I'd like to lock my bracelets with a spring ring instead of tying them. Its too small for a ribbon c
1 ElroyGo 1887 8 years ago
by kleinevos
pattern 1853
Hi, I am looking for Monacha, she did the pattern 1853 and I love her attach, like the ending of her
2 usr1002 1691 8 years ago
by roronoazorofan
What to do with Bracelets?
Well I LOVE making these bracelets but I don't find myself wearing all of them. So here are somethin
7 drng99 5288 8 years ago
by MarieCatou

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