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How can I attach a spring ring on thin normal bracelets (8-14 strings)?
I'd like to lock my bracelets with a spring ring instead of tying them. Its too small for a ribbon c
1 ElroyGo 1559 5 years ago
by kleinevos
pattern 1853
Hi, I am looking for Monacha, she did the pattern 1853 and I love her attach, like the ending of her
2 usr1002 1370 5 years ago
by roronoazorofan
What to do with Bracelets?
Well I LOVE making these bracelets but I don't find myself wearing all of them. So here are somethin
7 drng99 3646 5 years ago
by MarieCatou
Very thin thread?
I bought some of the "friendship thread" from Wal-Mart (I live in the US if that is relevant?) and I
3 Briana06 1766 5 years ago
by Briana06
Cant understand
I have been doing braclets from 1 year but through youtube And now i need patterns its not on the
2 Mariam_ahmad 1722 6 years ago
by Mariam_ahmad
normal pattern help video tutorials
If anyone needs help with a normal pattern 18 strings or less I can make a video tutorial for you if
2 MooMooMeg 1589 6 years ago
by Mariam_ahmad
Starting an etsy store?
So I have been wanting to start an etsy store forever and I think I am finally going to do it. Does
2 Poptart 2328 6 years ago
by mskayla2016
My bracelets have holes in between knots??
I am having problems lately with later bracelets, about 20 strands or more, and I'm getting holes in
14 Wish_Weaver 7864 6 years ago
by mskayla2016
Beaded Kumihimo Bracelet Help
Hi... I am starting to make a beaded kumihimo bracelet but I am facing some very annoying problems..
3 brightflower 1560 6 years ago
by DragonsFly
Bookmark Beginning and Ending?
I'm making a bookmark and am looking for suggestions on how to start and end it. I've seen some wit
10 LaDixson 4190 6 years ago
by LaDixson

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