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Where can i learn to read charts/patterns in the easiest way possible.
1 Jeanetthe 1625 6 years ago
by kleinevos
Ways to start and end a bracelet
Okay, I get the normal way of starting and ending a bracelet: just knot it! And I have another way..
4 Mina 15958 6 years ago
by kerrytreasure
macrame board?
I'm looking for something to keep the strings organized while I'm knotting. I'm not really sure what
7 WJB2 2898 6 years ago
by ginchic
Safety pin
So I want to try using a safety pin to hold my strings, but the only tutorial that shows how to do
5 archersilva 2021 6 years ago
by kleinevos
Organizing thread?
Hey everybody! Well, I was going through my enormous tangled up heap of thread the other day, and I
118 jamiethegymnast 20771 6 years ago
by Sammoning
Storage Ideas for Your Cotton
When I first started buying cotton, I threw them into a box or rolled them onto bobbins but I found
3 kirstieleigh23 2040 6 years ago
by Jazzy5252
Are there any plans for the function for saving tutorials as favourites to your home page?
Rather than bookmarking the page on the browser. Thank you! 😊
2 ali_ali_woo_hoo 1532 6 years ago
by ali_ali_woo_hoo
Tatting shuttles for alpha patterns
Hi everyone. Two weeks ago I made my first alpha pattern. After only about two rows, I got thoroughl
1 Glanskabouter 2082 6 years ago
by kleinevos
Organizing Patterns
Hello everyone, I like saving any patterns I like to my hard drive to print out when I do not hav
5 organized_chaos 1915 6 years ago
by Jrock_kodama
button closure
Hi, sorry if this has already been covered but I've not seen much about it. Anyway, how do I do the
5 sazbones 2635 6 years ago
by LeFuzz

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