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Help with finishing by jessinha 4 years ago

Hi. I wonder how could i finish my bracelet? I made for example a bracelet with 12 strings. I make a knot at the end but then it still has lose strings sticking out of the knot. It doesnt look so nice with so many lose strings on my arm. I see lots of tutorials how to create but none to finish it.

RE: Help with finishing by Allison98 (moderator) 4 years ago

The most popular thing to do is finish it off with one or two braids. :) So when you finish the bracelet, don't knot the loose ends. Finish it with braids and then knot the end of the braids.

RE: Help with finishing by kleinevos (moderator) 4 years ago

If you use waxed strings you can cut and burn the ends, but for cotton strings that's not an option. You could cut and glue, but you'll always see the glueing a bit.
The only option, if you don't end it like Allison said but with a button for example, is to start with shaping and doubled strings, and to end it with strings folded back/doubled so that the ends are on the back of the bracelet.
We have a tutorial for 'shaped starts and a buttonhole' but I don't think we have a good one for that kind of ending yet.
I could make one if you are really interested :-)

RE: Help with finishing by kleinevos (moderator) 4 years ago

Shaped start

RE: Help with finishing by EdBlair 4 years ago

Here is how I would end a 12 string bracelet by making two 6-string braids:

1) Divide the strings into two groups of 6, and then divide the first set of six into pairs of adjacent strings.

2) Use this tutorial ((( Closures )) Rope Braid - Start & End your Bracelet) to twist each pair into a rope. In my example I am using a single string for the inner twists. The first twist should be in the SAME direction as the natural twist of the string.
Make this rope about 1 1/2 to twice as long as you want the final braid to be.
Use an overhand knot at the end, but do not make it too tight in case you need to adjust the length of the rope at the end of the next step.

3) Now use the standard 3-ply braiding method to braid the three ropes together. When you get to the end, tie the braid off with an overhand knot.

4) Do the same thing with the other 6 strings to construct the other braid.

5) To finish it off, adjust the final knot at the ends of the braids to your desired length (for example to make them even) and tighten this knot as hard as you can. Then trim off the excess string from each of the individual pairs within the braid.

Hint: End your bracelet on a row where the middle two strings are knotted together. This will also result in having each member of the pairs originating from different knots in the final row. (Which is the same as saying that the two strings in each knot will belong to different pairs in the final braid.)

RE : Help with finishing by Hannah11 7 months ago

I use an adjustable knot. Here is a link to a video that shows 6 way to finish your bracelet. I use the 1st method except I braid the ending strings.



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