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Turning patterns upside down
Hey, I was wondering, does anyone by any chance have any tips on turning normal patterns upside dow
3 Laytons_pa 2328 7 years ago
by Laytons_pa
Cheap Dutch embroideryfloss
For the Dutch people" Bij de HEMA hebben ze nu 50 borduurgaren voor 6,95. Ik denk dat je behalve
12 Teuntje1998 2882 7 years ago
by Mariska
the back of multicolored alphas
what do you do with the back of multicolored alphas? What do you do with the extra string? I was thi
10 ILoveLucy 3129 7 years ago
by jjkimmyeric
Custom "GRANDE" Colors
I've been having a lot of fun playing with Catania "Grande" lately. But, one major drawback is the l
0 thematt711 1739 7 years ago
by thematt711
How in the world...?
Hey guys, Soooo many of the bracelets people make have these loop closures. I really do not unders
7 MexiPeanut 2648 7 years ago
by Echelon
Hands hurting/cramping?
I tend to go I guess you could say full out when making bracelets. But as of recent, once again, my
4 thekelly4200 2947 7 years ago
by tyger99
Graph Picture ?
When looking at the picture of the bracelet you are making, before actually setting up your string c
1 Belyn 1855 7 years ago
by kleinevos
Starting Loop
I see beautiful braided loops that the bracelets are started from, but I can't find a tutorial for h
3 Harpoon5 3154 7 years ago
by Harpoon5
Having a bit of trouble...
I'm quite new to the whole bracelet thing, and I've tried to make a few, but the under side or whate
2 catiedid 1810 7 years ago
by catiedid
Any one who sells bracelets!
I was wondering me and my brother plan on selling some stuff so the first thing that comes to mind i
2 itsmccrea 1988 7 years ago
by mischieviousbob

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