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Finishing a bracelet
I'm looking for the best way to finish a bracelet with a bead or button. It would make it easier to
3 Harpoon5 102 5 days ago
by princess_5775
pet collars
I’ve recently gotten really into friendship bracelets as pet collars. does anyone have any tips for
3 gggggracccceee 247 11 days ago
by Sammoning
no puedo entrar desde youtube o de otra desde google a friendship bracelet
5 Hij 378 14 days ago
by princess_5775
Crochet thread that has the same thickness as embroidery floss?
What it says in the title, does such thing exist?
2 janelane 364 15 days ago
by princess_5775
Is there a way to favourite kumihimo patterns?
Apologies if this is the wrong topic to place this but I can't seem to figure out how to favourite k
4 NicoliaMalin 252 15 days ago
by princess_5775
The Chain Knotting Game, part 2
[b]Hi, knotters! This is The Chain Knotting Game! (Part 2)[/b] Part one can be found here: [url=
169 kleinevos 29350 16 days ago
by princess_5775
I have a suggestion: it would be a good thing if the pattern generator counted the number of knots m
4 Rillmena 156 22 days ago
by Rillmena
Will there be any swaps soon?
2 SHARKz7 164 27 days ago
by SHARKz7
I understand that this may not be allowed but...
If I were to make the pattern in this website, a pattern in bracelet book is that considered copyrig
2 horsegrl 204 last month
by Anyblia
36 strand Kumihimo
Does anyone know how to string a 64 slot kumihimo disk for 36 strand braid? I can’t seem to get the
2 Grkgoddess 229 last month
by Grkgoddess

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