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1212 pattern??
I feel a little dumb, but will someone please explain to me what a 1212 pattern is??
2 Books and Bracelets 64 yesterday
by Books and Bracelets
Will there be any swaps soon?
5 SHARKz7 600 28 days ago
by Anyblia
Ideas for other things made out of bracelets!
Hello everyone! I have made, like, 10 MILLION bracelets and keychains, and I was wondering if I coul
3 koalagirl_30 301 last month
Help deleting pattern
Hi, would it be possible to delete a pattern please? I only just submitted it so it's pending, but I
1 Zule 136 last month
by kleinevos
Help me for my pattern
Hello everybody, I would like to make a bracelet for myself with my company logo, or something that
1 VoyageEnjoy 279 last month
by koalagirl_30
Needing Ideas!!!
Hey everyone. I'm Raven Lynnaeh. I am starting a small handcraft business which consists of all my f
1 Raven Lynn 265 last month
by koalagirl_30
kumihimo square?
hello i have a circle kumihimo board but was wondering if anyone has used a square one before and if
2 luna26 234 2 months ago
by bracelet_matsuri
Hey everyone! I just wanted to share with the community that I just today made my first sale of brac
2 Scootercat 232 2 months ago
by Scootercat
hi everyone. Can someone tell me the number of some patterns with oranges in it? or fruits?
2 Valennn.mn 406 2 months ago
by Hannah11
The Chain Knotting Game, part 2
[b]Hi, knotters! This is The Chain Knotting Game! (Part 2)[/b] Part one can be found here: [url=
179 kleinevos 33311 2 months ago
by Hannah11

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