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Broken Book - Braids: 250 patterns from Japan, Peru,& Beyond by Rodrick Owen
Hello, Not sure where to ask this, so I came to this forum. I recently got the book mentioned in th
2 TaoTao 364 12 days ago
by TianaOsix
Liked patterns
Hello fellow bracelet makers, Is there a way to check your previously liked pattern?
3 Bunny's little projects 299 18 days ago
by halokiwi
Cape tutorial?
I've been searching for how to make capes using these tying techniques for some personal projects of
1 [RainbowCrayon] 152 last month
by kleinevos
requests for flag patterns welcome
hi everyone :) i love flags! i think they're so cool. there are lots of flag patterns on this site a
2 phorusrhacidae 244 2 months ago
by Bunny.Timeline
Searching tutorials/forums
How can I find an answer or tutorial to a specific step? For instance, different ways to tie the bra
2 Janezielenbach 351 2 months ago
by hellenmil
I badly need help with photos.
Greetings all! I have only recently started to try and upload photos of my bracelets,(I am aware tha
8 Bunny.Timeline 535 2 months ago
by TizziLizzi 17471
Thread length data
So while there are good recommendations for how long to cut threads at the start of a bracelet, I wa
4 in-tension 413 3 months ago
by Chri-stoff_Charming
Kumihimo - Round to Square
Is there a way to braid the round kumihimo patterns so that they appear as a flat braid? The round b
3 MoraMailler 415 3 months ago
by kleinevos
Hey! Does anyone here have an etsy-like shop that they run? How much do you charge for bracelet?
2 Cosmically_Tied 284 3 months ago
by Cosmically_Tied
Beaded bracelets
Has anyone ever switched to beaded bracelets in a similar style to the knotted friendship bracelets?
0 tangled.princess 310 6 months ago
by tangled.princess

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