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Hi i currently make and sell friendship bracelets and can do difficult and easy patterns. However, s
0 olidanes 248 3 months ago
by olidanes
How to add favorite kumihimo patterns
Okay, so I have several regular bracelet patterns favorited, but there doesn't seem to be a button t
4 Tetsi 622 4 months ago
by Tetsi
Merge accounts
Is there a way to merge my two accounts. I realized recently I have an account on here from like 201
1 Scootercat 170 5 months ago
by kleinevos
What prices should you sell bracelets at
I want to sell some of my bracelets but I don't know what price to sell them at I don't want them to
10 Puppydog2013 10613 5 months ago
by mayagd
Suggestion/idea: tracking who's making APAP
Hi, just an idea. What if we could set up a thread to keep track of who is working on a pattern that
62 KnottyArtist09 3886 5 months ago
by KnottyArtist09
Dream Job
TO be honest, I have my dream job interview tomorrow.... And I am so incredibly nervous. Normally, I
1 Scootercat 271 7 months ago
by halokiwi
anyone wanna be online friends??
k so I'm just gonna do a quick intro of myself after I get past the basics: so I've really been w
2 Gin Ibushi 360 8 months ago
by sincerelysakura
Confirming email
Hello! So I tried confirming my email address today after being active on the website for about
6 Fractoluminescence 437 8 months ago
by fb101
Conversation-thread for the Chain Game (part two)
Here's a fresh thread for the conversations too :-)) [b]In this thread you can ask any question c
157 kleinevos 19963 8 months ago
by halokiwi
The Chain Knotting Game, part 2
[b]Hi, knotters! This is The Chain Knotting Game! (Part 2)[/b] Part one can be found here: [url=
194 kleinevos 36762 8 months ago
by KnottyArtist09

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