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Knotting Game conversation thread, part 3
Here?s a new conversation thread for our Knotting Game! You can ask questions about the Game here, i
36 kleinevos 3726 last year
by Celicia
What prices should you sell bracelets at
I want to sell some of my bracelets but I don't know what price to sell them at I don't want them to
8 Puppydog2013 5603 last year
by jenna1931
I am looking for a pattern
I am looking for a pattern like in a photo or similar. https://pl.pinterest.com/pin/3365034034011
3 Kaligrafia 459 last year
by Kaligrafia
I made a pattern it is still pending so maybe that is the issue but when I click on it it comes up w
2 LunarUnicorn121 319 last year
by LunarUnicorn121
Can't find pattern
I recently made a bracelet for my niece with no guide (just following diagonals) and I'd love to upl
2 jockae 525 last year
by jockae
Thank You
Hello! I am new to this forum and to friendship bracelets. I found this website and was blown away b
0 Wee 445 last year
by Wee
Was wondering if a discord chat group for bracelet making would be feasible.
Hello, hello! Just like the thread name states, I was wondering how well the topic of bracelet makin
3 MidnightMorpher 946 last year
by Felicity3
Newbie Stress
When reading a pattern, how do you know which threads are the holding threads and which are the knot
3 CatherineCMS 597 last year
by CatherineCMS
Camera strap
Hi I'm trying to do a double cord camera starp (similar to the one of my profile picture), anybod
1 jeanmatt 496 last year
by kleinevos
Printing patterns from the website.
I know I've asked this before but I can't find the answer so I'll ask again. How do I print out a p
1 CatherineCMS 392 last year
by Celicia

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