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String Length for Kumihimo Necklace
Could anyone provide some guidance on how long strings might need to be for a necklace (maybe 16 inc
1 Themis 167 3 months ago
by kleinevos
Need bracelet ideas
Hi guys, I'm looking to make a bracelet for an art teacher I had when I was in high school. Thanks t
1 Johanna722 265 4 months ago
by Yaz_zie
Swapping bracelets
Hey everybody, Is there still swaps in this group? I remember a couple years ago we used to do the
10 Jazzy5252 784 4 months ago
by kleinevos
Crochet thread that has the same thickness as embroidery floss?
What it says in the title, does such thing exist?
1 janelane 263 5 months ago
by kleinevos
I've just donated to this page, I'am a member 6 years ago.
I feel so good because I've just donated for my first time, it wasn't so much but I did it because i
5 ManiJJManillas 437 6 months ago
by ManiJJManillas
I cannot upload videos to the patterns
I follow all steps but I can't upload videos about some pattern. Someone can help me? Thanks.
2 ManiJJManillas 214 6 months ago
by ManiJJManillas
Help with patterns
If a pattern calls for 12 strings and 5 colors how many of one color would you need? There is a pat
2 M_P_R18bestever 344 7 months ago
by kleinevos
Anyone buy string on Amazon?
There are several options--has anyone purchased on Amazon and can share their thoughts?
1 Bigmamakd 779 7 months ago
by tlccrafty2019
Broken Pattern ??
I started making this bracelet pattern #9114 and I don?t understand what step to take after I finish
1 talinaburrow 509 8 months ago
by kleinevos
What's the best way to "close" a bracelet?
I've noticed in several of the user pics and tutorial pics that many people start their designs with
5 PrincessRobin 1830 9 months ago
by kleinevos

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