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The Chain Knotting Game!
[B]Hi, knotters! This is The Chain Knotting Game![/B] Have you ever run out of color combo inspir
211 Marjar 24541 3 years ago
by kleinevos
Beading How to
I am a disabled veteran and just bought several hundred dollars in seed beads, and 2 looms, and othe
1 beadhead 859 3 years ago
by kleinevos
Guys, do you like this kind of ethnic bracelet?
Hello all, I'm new here and just recently found about friendship bracelet while looking for a gift t
5 rontel 1067 3 years ago
by rontel
Bracelet Aftercare
What do you do to protect your bracelets and make them last longer? I love that look of a freshly
4 Rapt0r 825 3 years ago
by AB_cullen
RE: Alpha Banner
deleted thread
0 usr321 14 3 years ago
by Allison98
Problems with uploading images...
Ok, so it's been awhile since I've been actually uploading images (I've done a lot of bracelets that
2 Marekitty 952 3 years ago
by kleinevos
RE: how remove image?
deleted thread
8 usr321 12 3 years ago
by Arismende
RE: The Chain Knotting Game!
deleted thread
1 usr321 151 3 years ago
by Allison98
RE: Have a Merry Christmas and an awesome 2017!
deleted thread
4 usr321 16 3 years ago
by Marjar
Uploading Good Quality Images?
Hello, I have a few bracelet images I would like to post. However, I'm not sure how I can shrink t
2 Imaginatistic 1083 3 years ago
by Imaginatistic

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