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Things that don't fit into other topics.

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Images disabled in tutorials
Hi everybody! In the page for creating new tutorials, it says that "Image upload is currently disabl
0 SHARKz7 14 7 hours ago
by SHARKz7
Inter-site patterns
Are we allowed to take patterns created on another site (by us, of course) and post them here? And v
1 zoeyllm 21 yesterday
by Celicia
I don't know if this is already available, but it would be helpful if you could mention people in a
4 zoeyllm 108 yesterday
by fb101
stolen patterns on BraceletBook
hey guys! you are all well aware, I'm sure, of the ongoing issue of pattern-stealing by BraceletBook
56 Foz 9152 4 days ago
by zoeyllm
pending pattern
Hello everybody, How long does it take before a pattern be published? I put a new pattern in my pag
11 Mady383 464 7 days ago
by kleinevos
Just Randomness about Bracelets!
Hey guys! I made this thread just for talking about bracelets and bracelet ideas or even just talk a
5 Yaz_zie 246 7 days ago
by Yaz_zie
Second accounts
In the TOU it says that you may not create a second account. Just wondering, how do you know that a
6 zoeyllm 109 10 days ago
by zoeyllm
Tutorial on the straight edges technique
I want to write a tutorial on the straight edges technique. I was wondering if there already is one
4 halokiwi 54 10 days ago
by halokiwi
Starbursts Missing
Hi, I'm making a starburst progression and I can't seem to find any with 24 strings, 28 strings, 30
3 zoeyllm 60 10 days ago
by kleinevos
Missing pattern
Hello everyone! Have you ever added to your favorites a pattern and then you found out (oooops!) it
9 jezka 185 16 days ago
by kleinevos

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