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Why did you remove my AWESOME star?
Hi friends, I have donated in this page and I had my star, but today I logged in and I don't have my
4 ManiJJManillas 262 12 days ago
by fb101
Hello, i added some of my videos in here sme time ago and only one is up. does anyone know where i c
0 adikcrafts 27 17 days ago
by adikcrafts
The Chain Knotting Game, part 2
[b]Hi, knotters! This is The Chain Knotting Game! (Part 2)[/b] Part one can be found here: [url=
168 kleinevos 28597 last month
by Dai
Minute Thread
After quite some time and A LOT of work, I'd like to invite all of you to meet [b]Minute Thread[/b],
0 minutethread 164 last month
by minutethread
To add in my favorites
Why I cannot add patterns in list my favorites?
11 rjuha 496 last month
by fb101
How to post photos
Hello! I have so many photos I would like to post. But every time I try it says photo must be smalle
1 Knots by Em 89 last month
by kleinevos
pending pattern
Hello everybody, How long does it take before a pattern be published? I put a new pattern in my pag
13 Mady383 679 last month
by kleinevos
Thread color changer
What happened to the page where you could digitally change the colors on a pattern to see what it wo
2 Neva 184 2 months ago
by Neva
Images disabled in tutorials
Hi everybody! In the page for creating new tutorials, it says that "Image upload is currently disabl
2 SHARKz7 181 2 months ago
by SHARKz7
Inter-site patterns
Are we allowed to take patterns created on another site (by us, of course) and post them here? And v
1 zoeyllm 112 2 months ago
by Celicia

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