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What's the best way to "close" a bracelet?
I've noticed in several of the user pics and tutorial pics that many people start their designs with
5 PrincessRobin 1840 9 months ago
by kleinevos
What happened to Semco Needlecraft??
Hi everybody! Just wanted to ask if anyone knows what happened to Semco Needlecraft? They seem to ha
0 PoisonPurple 370 10 months ago
by PoisonPurple
is it theoretically possible...
to make a dress out of friendship bracelet knots?? not about to try it because that sounds hard and
3 PoisonPurple 397 10 months ago
by EdBlair
Can't find tutorial for Indian Macrame bracelet
I know I saw somewhere a tutorial for this bracelet but I can't find it anymore. It's about this
1 deabracelets1 367 11 months ago
by kleinevos
Conversation-thread for the Chain Game (part two)
Here's a fresh thread for the conversations too :-)) [b]In this thread you can ask any question c
144 kleinevos 16312 11 months ago
by kleinevos
What else do you tie?
So.. after making tons of bracelets- what other stuff besides bracelets are you creating with your k
5 Bimsy 611 11 months ago
by EllieP
Dog Collar
I'm looking at making a dog collar and I want it to be about an inch wide. Does anyone know what str
1 kss0818 382 11 months ago
by EllieP
Help me find this pattern
Hello! I recently started this basic 8-string, 2-color pattern and forgot to save the image I was wo
3 Graceml 329 last year
by kleinevos
Profile picture
Hi it's me Lunarunicron121 or unicorn again. I was wondering what pictures are best(size and if a d
2 LunarUnicorn121 440 last year
by KiddingKido
Keeping my hands safe?
I love making bracelets, but after pulling on the strings for too long it gives me blisters and drie
2 T4R4F13D 471 last year
by DeonTey

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