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Newbie Stress!!!
Hey! I am fairly new to bracelet making and could only ever do a single easy pattern. I recently dec
2 dozydaisy 462 last year
by kleinevos
RE: Fall bracelet swap
deleted thread
0 usr321 12 last year
by kleinevos
Swaps? :)
Hey! I was just wondering if swaps were still a thing, considering it's been a long time since the
16 AmyGleek 1834 last year
by alittlebitlee
Uploading Photos
To upload a photo, you have to have a certain size photo, but mine is too big. How do I change my ph
2 kelseymul14 540 last year
by kleinevos
I donated. What happens next?
I donated to the website and nothing happened. The donation figure didn't change but it definitely c
2 Franpod 669 last year
by Franpod
Patterns with string order of ABBCC-CCBBA
Hi, I created an array of strings with the above order but wondering which pattern might fit into it
3 xier 730 2 years ago
by AmyGleek
Im using a phone and can someone help me tell me how can i see my url in this account? What i mean t
4 Pinklovekeithey 630 2 years ago
by Pinklovekeithey
Thread Color Number
Hi guys, I'd really like to knot the #89001 pattern (the boat sailing in the sunset pattern). Can yo
7 rontel 1009 2 years ago
by Shifa
What is this pattern??? HELP!!
I've been looking for this pattern for weeks now, and as much as I try I can't figure out how to tie
5 hannah_robyn24 1109 2 years ago
by hannah_robyn24
Help - Demonstration Speech
One of my classes requires us to do a demonstration speech and for mine I decided to do bracelet mak
4 KatXOX 1112 2 years ago
by Shifa

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