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I donated. What happens next?
I donated to the website and nothing happened. The donation figure didn't change but it definitely c
2 Franpod 705 2 years ago
by Franpod
Patterns with string order of ABBCC-CCBBA
Hi, I created an array of strings with the above order but wondering which pattern might fit into it
3 xier 774 2 years ago
by AmyGleek
Im using a phone and can someone help me tell me how can i see my url in this account? What i mean t
4 Pinklovekeithey 667 2 years ago
by Pinklovekeithey
Thread Color Number
Hi guys, I'd really like to knot the #89001 pattern (the boat sailing in the sunset pattern). Can yo
7 rontel 1073 2 years ago
by Shifa
What is this pattern??? HELP!!
I've been looking for this pattern for weeks now, and as much as I try I can't figure out how to tie
5 hannah_robyn24 1147 2 years ago
by hannah_robyn24
Help - Demonstration Speech
One of my classes requires us to do a demonstration speech and for mine I decided to do bracelet mak
4 KatXOX 1150 2 years ago
by Shifa
Ways to Sell Bracelets?
Hey I'm kind of new to this selling bracelet thing and don't know how to sell stuff or where to sell
11 buddgoldie13 3265 2 years ago
by danielcollins
If anyone is looking to open a shop on etsy use this link so we can both get free listings: http://e
0 leorashep 970 2 years ago
by leorashep
What will happen when you guys hit 100,000 normal patterns?
do things just go as normal or will there be something special? i have had this thought for a while.
5 Shifa 1198 2 years ago
by kleinevos
Projects for large patterns?
So there's a ton of really awesome patterns, but that are 50-100 strings, which seems to be much too
5 SammySoStellar 1213 2 years ago
by AZClaire

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