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Ways to Sell Bracelets?
Hey I'm kind of new to this selling bracelet thing and don't know how to sell stuff or where to sell
11 buddgoldie13 3186 2 years ago
by danielcollins
If anyone is looking to open a shop on etsy use this link so we can both get free listings: http://e
0 leorashep 924 2 years ago
by leorashep
What will happen when you guys hit 100,000 normal patterns?
do things just go as normal or will there be something special? i have had this thought for a while.
5 Shifa 1157 2 years ago
by kleinevos
Projects for large patterns?
So there's a ton of really awesome patterns, but that are 50-100 strings, which seems to be much too
5 SammySoStellar 1148 2 years ago
by AZClaire
Bracelet price?
I was wondering what would be a good price to sell bracelets for. Help?
9 flossfreak 8483 2 years ago
by Allison98
Ideas for use of unwanted pink thread
so basically, i never use pink thread, but the shops near me sell packs with at least 4x3m pinks, op
4 meercatred 1121 2 years ago
by meercatred
Hi everyone!! How to print the pattern on this site? Thank you
2 dacana 947 2 years ago
by Shifa
Threads to use
I am from the Philippines. I have been using crochet threads (CANON, in particular) in making macram
1 ma75mu88 893 2 years ago
by frenchie63
Finding Patterns on this Website
Hi All, I found a pattern for a Chevron bracelet where the right half of the Chevron was one color a
3 lwr32 883 2 years ago
by EdBlair
Thread for conversations about the Chain Knotting Game
In this thread you can ask any question concerning the new Chain Knotting Game, so that the game-thr
344 kleinevos 25867 3 years ago
by kleinevos

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