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Favourite Kumihimo
I appreciate that this may have been mentioned before. Apologies if that is the case but I seem to
1 Rbadger 1569 3 years ago
by kleinevos
Suggestions for the Generator
The generator is great and is the reason I joined the site, but I'd love it if there was a way to sa
3 Nekochi 1562 3 years ago
by Allison98
Generator(s) suggestion
Make the option to save a work in progress. I had to leave my pattern mid completion and when i came
1 Allahkazam 2011 3 years ago
by meercatred
editing submitted/pending patterns + alpha gen
I think it would be nice if there was a way to edit it after you already submitted it because i some
1 atlasbeetle 1398 4 years ago
by kleinevos
FB net News: Links page clean-up
Hello everyone! Today the [url=https://www.friendship-bracelets.net/links.php]Links page[/url] has r
1 Sammoning 1402 4 years ago
by kleinevos
Add video feature broken
Hi, I've been trying to link patterns to videos, and once I format the url correctly for the link,
4 Katrinaosity 1355 4 years ago
by kleinevos
Changing email address
How can I change my email address on here? Thanks in advance!
1 Lily_99 1592 4 years ago
by KnotterHolic
Since today I got a error, on some pages it is there, and some do not Mysql error in " SELECT id FR
5 Teuntje1998 1497 4 years ago
by Teuntje1998
Glitch when looking at favourite patterns.
When I go to look at my own favourite patterns or someone else's I see the patterns I want to see fo
2 Trendywrist44 1319 4 years ago
by Trendywrist44
Deleting Old Photos
All of my older bracelet photos are too small, and I recently figured out how to resize them without
2 Chel_11 1244 4 years ago
by Chel_11

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