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Favorite tutorials by powerking 15 days ago

It would be so awesome if we could favorite tutorials, I'm still new here and I go back to some of them a lot when I do the bracelets. But some are deep in the pages and I have to look for them. It would be nice to have some sort of shortcut!

RE : Favorite tutorials by kleinevos 14 days ago

I think this is mentioned before. Our webmaster is working on some improvements, I think this is on his list.

RE : Favorite tutorials by powerking 14 days ago

Oh, sorry, I looked through the first few pages here but many of them were quite old. I appreciate all the work you guys put into this, I found this site like last week and I'm hooked.

RE : Favorite tutorials by kleinevos 14 days ago

We can use all feedback! It helps us to improve our site. Especially now. In the past years we had to work with what we had, but our webmaster is re-programming and improving our site right now. :-)


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