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Problems with uploading pictures
The uploader won't work. I uploaded pics yesterday in the flash uploader and it worked just fine. T
2 Fajura 1495 8 years ago
by Fajura
iPhone / Android app ?
Hello everyone. In a short period of time, I have gotten the same request from two different user
34 Stefan 8442 8 years ago
by XcUiDi
help!! please and thanks :-D
ok so do any of yall have a clue on how long to cut each string for this????? http://www.steffe.se/f
6 usr963 1792 8 years ago
by kleinevos
where to upload my photo
I made a four-braid bracelet based on pattern #294 ,following the tutorial 4141. Now I don't know wh
4 Leah1234 1528 8 years ago
by Leah1234
Length of strings
I was just wondering couldn't you add the estimated length of its sting in the details of the patter
11 Renaki 4646 8 years ago
by thematt711
Hello! Perhaps is this a stupid question, but can i change my username somehow? I've created the one
1 Den_droaad 1433 8 years ago
by KnotterHolic
What makes a pattern hard to tie?
What do you guys think makes a pattern hard to tie? The difficulty seem to depend on this: - Nu
17 Stefan 4303 8 years ago
by paulasousa
Uploading pictures?
I tried to upload a few pics for some of the designs that I have done but it said that the file was
15 Person 4087 8 years ago
by Miny
Save alpha pattern #
Maybe this has been suggested before, but I would love to be able to save the tag: friendship-bra
4 PamelaTee 1769 8 years ago
by PamelaTee
Seeing more patterns at a time.
Is there any way to see more than the 20 or so patterns per page. It takes for ever to go through th
1 Momof_2boys 1497 8 years ago
by Foz

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