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Deleting Old Photos
All of my older bracelet photos are too small, and I recently figured out how to resize them without
2 Chel_11 1450 6 years ago
by Chel_11
Why can uploaded pics be only 50 kb?
I can't upload a pic of my design unless it's SUPER tiny when I'm seeing all kinds of other pics tha
8 PrincessRobin 3089 6 years ago
by LeFuzz
Glitch with similar patterns?
Whenever I click "see similar patterns", I just get 1 pattern, totally unrelated that I viewed a few
2 lilemur 1322 6 years ago
by lilemur
I just may being picky but if it's possible, could when you search something and you click view all
2 the_redonewolf8 1344 6 years ago
by the_redonewolf8
Expanded Use of the Favorite Button for Discussions and Tutorials.
The Favorite Button for patterns is terrific. I would also love to be able to mark discussions and
0 poignet 1199 6 years ago
by poignet
Suggestions For The Site
So I was looking at the homepage and noticed some wording that was bugging me a bit. Indians are fro
3 1029384756NERD 1658 6 years ago
by poignet
Favorite button on Patterns page...
Hello all...newbie (to the site/forum and crafting friendship bracelets) here! I searched and fou
4 stargirl6878 1564 6 years ago
by kleinevos
Delete Pending Patterns
Is it possible to delete pending patterns? I'd just uploaded a pattern and then I noticed there was
4 Bubbleblower 1418 6 years ago
by Arismende
Normal Pattern distribution statistics
I calculated some statistics about the distribution of normal patterns on this site: Total normal
1 EdBlair 1228 6 years ago
by kleinevos
Favourite Tutorials
Sometimes I have to look through the list of tutorials with different devices in order to sent a lin
1 murchik 1871 7 years ago
by kleinevos

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