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Profile picture
why cant i change my profile picture? it said that it was to be aproved for a moderator befor i can
7 qwerty333 2128 9 years ago
by ieniemiemie
My Tutorial - Adding Pictures
I created a tutorial and I want to add pictures. BBCode says in order to insert a picture your pict
5 TrudyBerry723 2205 9 years ago
by TrudyBerry723
Pattern colors
I think it would be cool if you could change the colors on patterns to see how they would end up loo
3 crayons 1731 9 years ago
by TrudyBerry723
Hide pattern option
I was wondering if it were possible to add a hide pattern option, something like favorites but hides
0 Co2 1550 9 years ago
by Co2
I'm signed into my profile, but for some reason when i click on my profile it says user doesn't exis
11 AshLynn1994 2891 9 years ago
by KnotterHolic
I just wanted to point out a grammatical error in the notifications; whenever I get a notification a
2 nyannacat 1963 9 years ago
by nyannacat
Does anyone else that uses his website have a problem with various pop-ups?
3 Bubbleblower 1929 9 years ago
by KnotterHolic
Back a Page Issue
We've been having some internet problems lately so it's likely to be all on my end, but for some rea
2 TweedleDee 1745 9 years ago
by Stefan
Option to turn off notifications
Not sure how often this board is checked or if any of these suggestions are ever put into place, but
7 Tuketi 2125 9 years ago
by Kislobog
Astrid Braid Tutorial
Hi! I'm looking for a tutorial for the astrid braid [img] http://img2.etsystatic.com/003/0/5527208/
0 BraceletsPro 2303 9 years ago
by BraceletsPro

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