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the photo links arnt linking to the pics anymore :0(
6 cath777 2183 7 years ago
by cath777
I have a little suggestion or ask!
Good night parceros.. I wanna know if is possible a pattern generator software to download. I wi
8 bongth 2173 7 years ago
by xMacramex
String length calculator
I think it would be great if the pattern generator could put out estimated string lengths based on a
10 MoonChild 19492 7 years ago
by xMacramex
How can I delete a photo?
I just submitted a 2nd photo of an alpha pattern I remade which came out better than the 1st one I d
3 WJB2 1665 7 years ago
by xMacramex
Problem with uploading pics
I can't upload a photo on a pattern or tutorial. It shows error. Why doesn't the uploader work?? Pl
4 Romina2000 1647 7 years ago
by xMacramex
Hola!! me he metido en un peque?o l?o. Me han encargado una pulsera de macram? de 3 colores horizont
4 Moguri 1737 8 years ago
by _HakunaMatata_
Undo/Save Progress Button on Generator
Twice now, I have been working diligently on an alpha pattern, only to click a square while I'm unkn
1 ohnoesitsjulia 1734 8 years ago
by anyace12
looking at patterns a single user has designed, from his/her page
when i go to a user's page and click on "patterns" under "stats" (the patterns that user has designe
1 anyace12 1686 8 years ago
by Sammoning
How do I make the bracelets and cuffs on this site
I like the bracelets on www.brunnersmetalwear.com but can't figure out what those copper things on t
1 Brunner 1872 8 years ago
by anyace12
How can I change my username?
So when I made my username two years ago, I was typing super fast and accidentally mixed up 2 of the
2 Music4Life113 1680 8 years ago
by Music4Life113

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