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  • 11/26/10


My name is Jean, and I was born in January, 1980.
I have an obsession with spiders, spirals, swirls and snowflakes.

I started to macrame when I was 12. I am best at micro macrame. I mostly use size 10 crochet thread but I have been known to use threads as well.

I can make charts and graph. or convert charts and graphs. Yes I will make custom graphs.

I am also a bead weaver and crochet.

Aliens left me at on an unsuspecting door step.

I love snakes, spiders, frogs, and bats but will scream from on top a chair when faced with a roach.

If you ever need help with something I try my best, though sometimes it takes me a while to answer.

An little rant .... Lol....

Vampires do not sparkle.
Zombies do not make for good partners.
Gremlins and goblins are types of fairies.
(Dobby, from Harry Potter, is a hobgoblin.)
There are types of Mermaids that will eat you!
Unless you are a virginal maiden the unicorn will maim you.