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Hello! I found recently that I'd really like a view all button for all the messages in a thread in t
1 TweedleDee 2020 9 years ago
by Stefan
Really Wide Pattern Grievance
I was looking at the newsfeed from the homepage, hit the "see more" button and the page was really w
2 TweedleDee 2345 9 years ago
by TweedleDee
por que no puedo enviar mensajes
hola ....estube intenta enviar mensajes y no puedo....alguien podria explicarme por sucede esto y qu
3 chrisaa 1923 9 years ago
by chrisaa
Normal Patttern Page Bug?
When I click on the "normal patterns" button from the alpha patterns page, it goes to the older page
1 TweedleDee 1894 9 years ago
by SunnyAnnie
It would be awesome if you guys made an app! I would totally download it if it were free.
6 deeteegirl 2206 9 years ago
by craftygirl98
Favorite a Tutorial
Is there any way to "favorite" a tutorial? Every once in a while I run across a tutorial on a brace
1 LoriH 1986 9 years ago
by Analias
Still pending??
I created an alpha pattern 2 days ago, and its still pending? (;-;)
3 Wish_Weaver 2226 9 years ago
by Doornroosjuh
To do list
Hi! I went back a few pages and didn't see anything with this in the title, so I'm making another to
6 Plastic_Toast 2546 9 years ago
by Tayrex
Color Preview Function
I think it would be very nice if there were a way to preview colors on a bracelet electronically. On
2 TweedleDee 2125 9 years ago
by Tuketi
Post Preview
I would really like a post preview function on the forum so that I can see what my post will look li
1 TweedleDee 1938 9 years ago
by Tuketi

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