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  • 5/16/13


Well hello there! My name is Kamu, and I've been here since 2013. I had a short stint as a mod in this wonderful community. I can't thank Kleinevos enough for the opportunity, it taught me a lot.
I have periods of time when I'm active, others where I disappear for months. This is due to various things going on with my life and how I am doing personally. I am generally quiet and more interested in keeping to myself for right now. If ya really want to contact me, please consider asking me for my discord handle via dms.

I'm an avid pc and nintendo gamer, I love to paint with watercolor and pastels, I love to read graphic novels and manga, and I make all sorts of things. Friendship bracelets have been a comfort for me through my rough young adult years and become a mainstay of my life. I also hang around Twitch.tv quite frequently or binge watch YouTube. I work part time as a bagger at a local grocery store to help fund my creative pursuits, pay bills, and feed myself and my cat.

If you'd like to see some of what I've made, please check my Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/crystalstarspark or dm me for a more comprehensive link to my personal google photos album.

Also, please consider adding me on braceletbook.com as well, my username is Kamu. I don't have anything posted yet for pictures there.

If you are interested in contacting me for a bracelet or other jewelry item commission, please check my Instagram highlights for info and availability.