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Hands hurting/cramping? by thekelly4200 7 years ago

I tend to go I guess you could say full out when making bracelets. But as of recent, once again, my hands are starting to hurt, and this year, i've actually worn down some skin on my index finger's top knuckle. Does anyone have any tricks or ideas to help soothe hand pain when it comes to bracelet making?

RE: Hands hurting/cramping? by squeaker14 7 years ago

U could wear gloves, on mine, the thread can cause a finger to hurt at times, but that's about it

RE: Hands hurting/cramping? by ninich 7 years ago

as someone who experienced this i can reccomend stretching your fingers every now and then
you can crack your fingers when you feel like they've became immobile
also since i feel like gloves are slowing me down because i can't grab or feel the strings in my hands you could put patches or adhesive bandages around your fingers where it hurts
good luck let me know if anything from here helped (:

RE: Hands hurting/cramping? by Minacoo 7 years ago

I used to have rough patches on my fingers because I was using acrylic yarn. I swapped to cotton yarns and I use a lot of hand cream, and the patces have disappeared. For the cramps I'd also recommend stretching every now and then :)

RE: Hands hurting/cramping? by tyger99 7 years ago

I have a spot on my finger I have cut do to the tension I use when tying. I agree that a bandage would be a huge help. Also try to switch up how you hold the string when tying. I normally have the sting pass over my pointer finger so I can use that figer to pull and tighen my knots. every other day I switch to my thumb and forefinger to pull the knots. its made a huge difference. Good luck!


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