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Graph Picture ? by Belyn 7 years ago

When looking at the picture of the bracelet you are making, before actually setting up your string colours, how do you read the graph itself in order to set up the string colours? I will leave my email and would so appreciate it if someone who understands what it is that I am asking, could email to explain so that I understand. It will also make it easier e mailing pictures to explain what exactly I mean: lancebelinda@hotmail.com

RE: Graph Picture ? by kleinevos (moderator) 7 years ago

I'll give you an answer here:
When you're using the string-substitution you can choose any color you like for your base-strings since you will not use them for the knotting itself. The color will only show in the braids.
Also have a look at this tutorial

And I'd like to advice everyone not to give your email-address in public. You can use the PM instead of giving everyone your private information.


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