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Tips and problems while tying

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[COLOR=red]Hello hellooooo !![/COLOR] Today is a very special day, as finally… We’re starting a new
9 Anyblia 664 yesterday
by Anyblia
Selling Bracelets
Hey guys, I need help. I am not sure how and what to charge on my bracelets. I know the basics like
7 livlife816 3108 3 days ago
by Roseinbloom
When using floss
When using floss what does everyone do to stop the end thread from fraying..or separating
1 Acidburn 186 23 days ago
by halokiwi
How long should the thread be..
So I have made a 8strand bracelet using about 75" folded.. so I'm about to make a 24 strand and was
3 Acidburn 384 27 days ago
by kleinevos
When reading a pattern..
Do you have to divide in half and knot each side to the middle.. or can I just do all of them withou
1 Acidburn 184 last month
by halokiwi
How to add buckles to wide pieces
I was just wondering how to make 3 buckles on a 24 string bracelet...I have only ever did a buckles
5 Acidburn 199 last month
by Acidburn
how should a knot look
iv noticed sometimes i pull a little tighter and i get a dot where the knot is but if i use a little
0 Acidburn 151 last month
by Acidburn
can you change the color of strings on digital patterns?
Hi everyone. I was wondering if there's a way to change the color of the pattern on this website. I
2 paige_2136 1054 2 months ago
by Hannah11
Hi Guys ! Can i ask how to change the color of the pattern ?
2 amberstarriray 432 2 months ago
by Hannah11
Bracelet Pattern doesn't end as it started
The bracelet pattern ends differently to the way it started, meaning the strings are in different po
2 batcatb 388 2 months ago
by Hannah11

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