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Tips and problems while tying

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Waxed friendship bracelet need help
hi im having trouble replicating this friendship bracelet idk what kind of string is being used or w
1 serg.65mr 75 5 days ago
by halokiwi
Band vor 2 Jahren angefangen zu knüpfen - Muster/ Anleitung dazu vergessen
Wollte hier ein Photo von meinem angefangenen Band hochladen, vielleicht kann mir dann jemand helfen
0 doxtyll 174 last month
by doxtyll
how to measure string for normal bracelet
Does anyone have any tips on how to measure just about the right amount of string (depending on how
3 cambambracelets 768 last month
by TwistTie48
Hello I'm new!
I'm really into making bracelets and I am not all that well known about it, so yeah.Im sorry, I just
2 Isa_is_not_here 311 2 months ago
by Noodlelimbs825
Dominant hand not tying the same
I was wondering if anyone had figured out a solution to this. I’m right handed, and I also like to w
5 MarenAnne6 1049 2 months ago
by TianaOsix
Problem tying kumihimo 12-strand spiral bracelet
I’m following the tutorial exactly, but for some reason my bracelet is getting wider the longer I ti
1 MidnightMorpher 248 2 months ago
by halokiwi
Beginning loops with strings that don't fold halfway (single colors)
When I make a beginning loop with a pattern that has single strings of a color, when the person goes
1 libertad 242 3 months ago
by kleinevos
La tavola colori sui modelli kumihimo
Buongiorno Come si cambiano i colori sul modello per kumihimo sembra non funzioni??? Qualcuno può
1 SHIBUMI 316 4 months ago
by kleinevos
How do i add keywords to a pattern i generated?
I am new here. I generated a pattern but could not add keywords before i submitted it. Anyone know
2 TizziLizzi 17471 819 5 months ago
by TizziLizzi 17471
Help a newbie with understanding if I can switch my colors around a diamond pattern
Ok I hope you are feeling up to my explanation because I asked several friends here at home and got
2 LaCapitaAn87 384 5 months ago
by kleinevos

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