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Tips and problems while tying

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cm fils ?
Bonjour, quelqu'un pourrait me dire quelle longueur prendre en cm, pour faire un bracelet ? Merci p
1 Bidouflo 203 last month
by kleinevos
Can someone post a picture of their Kumihimo disk with 24 and 28 strings
Hello! I am new here and cannot wrap my head around how to place my strings that require 24 strings
2 burdnerd 293 last month
by halokiwi
Setting up my Kumihimo bracelet/doing the math
I have a 64 slot disk, and the pattern I want to make is 40 strings. When I’m setting up on the disk
3 MarenAnne6 299 last month
by halokiwi
Anleitung für Kumihimo mit 20, 24, und mehr Fäden
Hallo, Kann mir Jemand sagen wo ich eine Anleitung finde, wie ich Kumihimo's mit 20, 24, und mehr F
4 ShanjaG 340 last month
by ShanjaG
newbie needing weaving directions
Hi, I am a newbie Kumihimo bracelet maker. I just love making the bracelets on the braiding disk. N
1 Rita7Denise 225 2 months ago
by halokiwi
Dominant hand not tying the same
I was wondering if anyone had figured out a solution to this. I’m right handed, and I also like to w
1 MarenAnne6 183 2 months ago
by halokiwi
I have issues finishing braceletss
[COLOR=green] hello frendschpbracelets.net i Love your patterns but i like finding new patterns more
3 thrissatnahc 625 2 months ago
by wildrose9
Pattern is missing lines
Bracelet 3926 I just was finishing the first part. Now i m at the last row and i want to start fr
8 jessinha 1239 2 months ago
by halokiwi
Can anyone help me on the “mirror” part of this bracelet?
Hey I am trying to do a bracelet, I thought it was easy but now I am stuck at the mirror part. Does
1 Ana <3 184 3 months ago
by halokiwi
How to get both sides of a bracelet to look the same!
https://pasteboard.co/MJKj3cTVVMUv.jpg ^^ image for reference The right side of the bracelet a
2 katrinaali 351 4 months ago
by halokiwi

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