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Tips and problems while tying

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Seeking Bracelet Finish Suggestions
Hello bracelet makers! I'm having a bit of a problem with the bracelet I'm currently making, pattern
15 Kada 814 21 days ago
by kleinevos
Alpha bending to one side?
Does anybody have tips for how to keep an alpha from bending to one side? I haven't always had that
0 janelane 105 last month
by janelane
aide pour faire modele
bonjour, je suis debutante et je voudrais savoir si quelqu'un pourrai m'aider a faire le patron d'
5 ptiteportos59 928 last month
by halokiwi
Bracelet twisting?
So I’m new here, and I really only know one pattern that I learned at girl Scout camp. It’s simple s
3 loyalbook1083 282 last month
by loyalbook1083
Loop for bracelet with 2 diff. central colors
Hello everyone, This is my first post on this forum so apologies in advance if I am in the wrong
4 delphine.bkls 662 2 months ago
by halokiwi
Sliding knot for embroidery thread bracelet?
Hello! Newbie to this site with a question ^.^ Is it possible to make a sliding knot for an embroid
4 Skyestream11 258 2 months ago
by Skyestream11
Switching mirroring colours
Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum, so apologies in advance if I'm doing something wrong. I love
2 Simuran 257 2 months ago
by Simuran
I can't find the pattern I'm looking for
I can't find the pattern I'm looking for
5 Serpp07 699 3 months ago
by halokiwi
Beginner Guide for Making Your Own Paracord Bracelet
Hi everyone, I am Kevin and I am glad to be here. Today is my first day but I really want to share w
5 kevincamp145 1607 5 months ago
by kleinevos
String length
How long should I make my strings when starting a bracelet??
1 Nkaeli8473 855 6 months ago
by kleinevos

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