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Tips and problems while tying

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[COLOR=red]Hello hellooooo !![/COLOR] Today is a very special day, as finally… We’re starting a new
29 Anyblia 2566 3 days ago
by ninickthedemon
When using floss
When using floss what does everyone do to stop the end thread from fraying..or separating
2 Acidburn 322 6 days ago
by Tuzyae
Strings on the back of alpha bracelet?
Can I cut the strings on the back of my alpha bracelet to make it look less messy? What will happen
9 ThatFalloutGirl 2655 8 days ago
by halokiwi
Hollow/Plaid Kumihimo, how to leave and come back?
so you know how with a standard kumihimo you leave 3 strands down/1 strand up and that's how you kno
3 ArCee 183 16 days ago
by ArCee
Tapered end for horizontal-stripe bracelet
Hello! I am still a bit new to bracelet making, and this is my first time attempting this pattern. B
3 soscout 199 last month
by soscout
Can I use paracord?
Hey yall, sorry if this is an obvious question/answer... BUT ima ask it anyway because I want to mak
2 Caveladyb 188 last month
by Caveladyb
I can't find the pattern I'm looking for
I can't find the pattern I'm looking for
1 Serpp07 145 last month
by halokiwi
How to read Name Pattern ( for a bracelet)
Hey guys, im new to this whole craft. And I just wanted to start out by saying that all of you guys
8 Caveladyb 384 last month
by kleinevos
Tips for starting out
Hi! I’m Lissy. I’m new here. Any tips or tricks for getting started? Can’t wait to hear from you &
1 Lissy2244 235 2 months ago
by kleinevos
Breaking strings
I have been making bracelets for a while now and until recently my strings have been fine, but recen
0 Likebracelets 149 2 months ago
by Likebracelets

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