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Tips and problems while tying

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Newbie Backward Knot Nightmare
For some reason I keep occasionally feeling a "pop" and then knots will shift and the base thread be
4 BlandLameO 261 13 days ago
by EdBlair
Crimp Ends Question
Is there a way to start and end a normal pattern with a straight row or two so you don’t have to dea
4 Linzbutterfly 396 26 days ago
by Linzbutterfly
7 string kumihimo
So we all know the version of a kumihimo where you only move one string every 3 spots (I might be wr
3 janelane 294 last month
by kleinevos
Alpha pattern question?
https://friendship-bracelets.net/Generators/Name?text=Belle Okay so I normally only do normal patte
5 belleee 859 2 months ago
by JoanRobertson
Pattern wont appear.
I'm trying to make pattern K813 https://friendship-bracelets.net/patterns/kumihimo/813, but no matte
16 SolusUmbra 913 5 months ago
by minty_choc
Striped Bracelets aren't Striped
Hi! I've been making bracelets for a while now and I only just discovered that they are meant to be
6 minty_choc 667 5 months ago
by minty_choc
Size thread for Kumihimo
I’ve been playing around making Kumihimo bracelets with the 2mm stuff but it starts to get rather la
3 SolusUmbra 364 5 months ago
by kleinevos
My tension must be wrong
Hey guys. For the second time now I have found that when trying to make a heart which is just three
7 ktbelle 616 6 months ago
by ktbelle
How to do and read each knot on the normal patterns
Hey yall, im new to braclet making and I am wondering how to do each knot on a pattern if u have any
1 Ryzam 388 6 months ago
by kleinevos
One Color One String
So I see in a lot of friendship bracelet patterns, one color only needs one string. Whenever I make
2 PartyPanda57 383 6 months ago
by PartyPanda57

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