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Button Loop at Both Ends?
Is it possible to make a seamless loop (sort of like a button loop) at both the beginning and the en
1 olivanders 731 last month
by kleinevos
Looking for a tutorial
hi, I really want to make a bracelet like this one but am unable to find a tutorial for it anywhere
2 Jenham1878 209 last month
by kleinevos
Making a loop with thread of the same colour all one side
Take a look at pattern #4222 , how can I make a loop to start it?
3 forjnghyn 281 last month
by forjnghyn
My bracelet making vid for 3 simplest designs to get started.
Hi everyone, new here! I'll be posting vids of designs I try and some I know of and some "HOW TO'S"
1 KaysDiaries 312 2 months ago
by KaysDiaries
can you change the color of strings on digital patterns?
Hi everyone. I was wondering if there's a way to change the color of the pattern on this website. I
1 paige_2136 593 3 months ago
by kleinevos
Normal pattern V-shape/triangle opening tips?
I'm trying to make [url=https://www.friendship-bracelets.net/pattern.php?id=99517]this pattern #9951
9 Rururong 1665 4 months ago
by EdBlair
Looking for a pattern
Does anyone have the pattern for the two bracelets on the right? https://imgur.com/uWKxF3t
3 janelane 533 5 months ago
by kleinevos
Leather cord issue
I need to take a 2mm leather cord, and attach a smaller strip of cord to it, to pass through the end
0 OCMan 250 5 months ago
by OCMan
Alpha Bracelet Lettering
So I?m knotting out ?niners? in caps and I can?t get the ?e? to have space between the bottom of it
1 Gahbee7 271 5 months ago
by kleinevos
Connecting a patterns beginning and end
I?ve noticed some patterns do not match up. I have this pattern... https://www.friendship-bracelets
6 wishie454 381 6 months ago
by wishie454

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