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Tips and problems while tying

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can you change the color of strings on digital patterns?
Hi everyone. I was wondering if there's a way to change the color of the pattern on this website. I
2 paige_2136 920 10 days ago
by Hannah11
Hi Guys ! Can i ask how to change the color of the pattern ?
2 amberstarriray 366 10 days ago
by Hannah11
Bracelet Pattern doesn't end as it started
The bracelet pattern ends differently to the way it started, meaning the strings are in different po
2 batcatb 307 10 days ago
by Hannah11
How to do and read each knot on the normal patterns
Hey yall, im new to braclet making and I am wondering how to do each knot on a pattern if u have any
2 Ryzam 503 10 days ago
by Hannah11
I’ve created a couple bracelet designs and I can’t figure out how to get them started. Can someone h
2 Misskey98 131 10 days ago
by Hannah11
Newbie Backward Knot Nightmare
For some reason I keep occasionally feeling a "pop" and then knots will shift and the base thread be
4 BlandLameO 476 2 months ago
by EdBlair
Crimp Ends Question
Is there a way to start and end a normal pattern with a straight row or two so you don’t have to dea
4 Linzbutterfly 496 3 months ago
by Linzbutterfly
7 string kumihimo
So we all know the version of a kumihimo where you only move one string every 3 spots (I might be wr
3 janelane 404 3 months ago
by kleinevos
Alpha pattern question?
https://friendship-bracelets.net/Generators/Name?text=Belle Okay so I normally only do normal patte
5 belleee 969 4 months ago
by JoanRobertson
Pattern wont appear.
I'm trying to make pattern K813 https://friendship-bracelets.net/patterns/kumihimo/813, but no matte
16 SolusUmbra 1060 7 months ago
by minty_choc

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