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Tips and problems while tying

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Striped Bracelets aren't Striped
Hi! I've been making bracelets for a while now and I only just discovered that they are meant to be
6 minty_choc 239 3 days ago
by minty_choc
Size thread for Kumihimo
I’ve been playing around making Kumihimo bracelets with the 2mm stuff but it starts to get rather la
3 SolusUmbra 186 13 days ago
by kleinevos
My tension must be wrong
Hey guys. For the second time now I have found that when trying to make a heart which is just three
7 ktbelle 342 last month
by ktbelle
How to do and read each knot on the normal patterns
Hey yall, im new to braclet making and I am wondering how to do each knot on a pattern if u have any
1 Ryzam 181 last month
by kleinevos
One Color One String
So I see in a lot of friendship bracelet patterns, one color only needs one string. Whenever I make
2 PartyPanda57 181 last month
by PartyPanda57
Deformed alpha bracelet
Hi, I have a problem with my alpha bracelets : The pattern ends up being bigger on the length/heingt
3 Forest Spirit 282 last month
by loraphils
im stuck
hi! i am new to making friendship bracelets and i am so confused on how to read the pattern. any hel
6 kdawg34 620 last month
by kawaii_boop_noodle
Flat braid
Hiya, I?ve been working my way through the kumihimo patterns. They are absolutely fantastic. I was w
4 Emsybems 1207 2 months ago
by kleinevos
How to make a straight bracelet?
I am not very experienced in making bracelets and I would like to know how to make a perfectly strai
3 Dann_Godoy_ 365 2 months ago
by kleinevos
Bracelet Pattern doesn't end as it started
The bracelet pattern ends differently to the way it started, meaning the strings are in different po
1 batcatb 147 2 months ago
by kleinevos

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