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Tips and problems while tying

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How do i accomplish this beginning design?
Hello! I?ve been trying to find tutorials on how to start bracelets with this upside down V and
2 EmieMcBirds 577 last year
by EmieMcBirds
bracelet block
what to do when you have it, i had it this week and it sucks, its when you cant knot &your knots loo
2 mbmb111 583 last year
by mbmb111
Bracelet looking odd - tips on knot tightness
Hi all, I have been making macrame bracelets and necklaces and wanted to try these patterns - the
4 Mlaetitia 858 last year
by EdBlair
Hi i have a question ok im working on a bracelet with 18 strings in it and i was wondering is it any
4 sweety 793 last year
by sweety
Tips for tying bracelet faster?
Are there any easy to understand explanation about tips to tying bracelet faster? It'll also be good
5 Rururong 1349 last year
by Rururong
String Length Formula?
Is there maybe some sort of formula to figure out how long strings need to be for a bracelet pattern
16 madisunnyd 30271 last year
by kleinevos
Multi coloured alpha question
Hi all. I?m making multicoloured alpha patterns. I was just wondering if it?s best complete each col
3 Emsybems 567 last year
by kleinevos
Knots on Alpha Pattern Slanted, How to Straighten It?
I?ve been having trouble getting the individual knots in (any) alpha patterns straight so that the c
4 MidnightMorpher 983 last year
by MidnightMorpher
Larks Head Knot Edges
Hello! I was wondering if anyone could explain to me how to add larks head knots to the edges of my
2 Essy 661 last year
by kleinevos
what type of string it this? This shiny and braided!
It's the yellow and blue one, the other one. The yello/blue one is the kind you can buy at flea mar
1 lostinbraslets 921 last year
by sierra_lima1

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