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Tips and problems while tying

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What's too big to be a bracelet
What dimensions for alpha bracelets are too big time worn on the wrist? Is 25 columns too wide?
2 ShootingStar180 812 2 years ago
by lena01
Alpha bracelet edges expanding
[IMG]http://i68.tinypic.com/24g0pqh.jpg[/IMG] Why are the edges progressively getting wir anything I
2 ShootingStar180 841 2 years ago
by ShootingStar180
Chevron bracelet torture knots/holes
My edges are becoming slightly inverted and I'm getting the occasional hole.
14 ShootingStar180 1456 2 years ago
by frenchie63
How do I incorporate a name into a bracelet?
There's a good chance I've overlooked this question but can anyone direct me to the link or tell me
1 Amissy79 616 2 years ago
by Stefanie7
How to make a bracelet like this one?
I had this bracelet forever ago that had straight stripes all the way down. I'll use letters for a d
4 vjudd 1361 2 years ago
by jacky0
Help please! Pattern #83850
Hello, I'm fairly newish to patterns & would very much like to make Pattern #83850 as a gift. How m
3 Cardsbyjenj 717 2 years ago
by EdBlair
Thread lengths?
Hi all you amazing pros! I would like to make pattern #83850. It has 16 strands and 30 rows. How
3 Cardsbyjenj 782 2 years ago
by Cardsbyjenj
Pet hair getting stuck in bracelets: SOS
We have a number of pets, and try as we might, there's always fur around. When I go to make a bracel
5 zacsz1104 850 2 years ago
by zacsz1104
Im new to learning how to follow the patterns, however ever since i have learned how to do so i have
4 Kylanier 756 2 years ago
by EdBlair
Can you please help me to resolve how to do this normal pattern?
I am having trouble for days by trying to make this pattern. I followed some tutorial, and tried to
3 meuphrosyne 778 2 years ago
by meuphrosyne

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