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Tips and problems while tying

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RE: How To Make Water Bracelet
deleted thread
1 usr321 27 last year
by alozano34
Stretched out finished bracelet
Hey all, So I'm following a pattern to a T. As it goes on I notice it looks stretched out. When I
2 Zoecainn 631 last year
by kleinevos
Narrowing down for endings
I've recently picked up making friendship bracelets again and am trying to find tidy methods of narr
6 Dan_W 1402 last year
by kleinevos
Bracelet help!
My friend got this bracelet on a trip. I don't think it's too difficult, I just can't figure out whe
10 MagcMike 839 last year
by MagcMike
Threads to follow patterns
I've seen wonderful patterns here, I've been trying to make the pattern of the symbol of anarchy, I'
1 Kyrielle 628 last year
by kleinevos
Shaped ends/starts
This might be painfully obvious but I just can't figure out how to make these types of ends/starts:
8 janelane 1221 last year
by kleinevos
What kind of bracelet is this?
Hey! I'm new to the forum, so hopefully I posted in the right topic! An idol I follow posted a pic
5 exsquidsite 778 last year
by kleinevos
when to start row from right side?
I made a Chevron that came out perfect, my first ever bracelet...now Im trying a different bracelet
3 fable_99 551 last year
by Stefanie7
How to fix the order of strings when starting on a keychain?
I'm really into keychains lately. So I use a lark's head knot to tie the strings onto the keychain,
2 misspiggie 488 last year
by kleinevos
how do i start very complicated alpha patterns?
so im making a jigglypuff keychain that i found on braceletbook.com but it has 50 strings and idk ho
3 happybadger 888 last year
by happybadger

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