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Tips and problems while tying

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Normal Patterns
Hiya I have just started a normal pattern #3030 when you get to the bottom of the pattern you go ba
3 Emsybems 795 last year
by Sammoning
Heather"s Friendship Bracelet
Hi i would like somebody to explain to me how to make the letter M from heather's im trying to make
3 sweety 974 last year
by kleinevos
Best Bracelets to Teach Kids?
I work at a day camp. The kids are obsessed with the bracelets I wear, and constantly asking for les
5 Lily_99 1555 last year
by 1Teamblonde1
How long should my string be?
I know this is a commonly asked question and usually I can get away with approximating, but this pat
2 sassytrenchcoat 1352 last year
by sassytrenchcoat
Generate pattern
I am trying to generate my own pattern. I?m on an iPad but no keyboard appears. What do I do to get
0 Skuhn 471 last year
by Skuhn
Help finding patterns?
Hi everyone! I found a bunch of bracelets that I can't find the patterns for anymore... I have
10 Anyblia 1252 last year
by Anyblia
Weekly / monthly contests
Are weekly or monthly contests still athing?
2 GanjaGirlScout 1067 2 years ago
by kleinevos
When tying a loop before starting your bracelet how do you keep the strings from getting out of orde
2 Celtic_Knot 1191 2 years ago
by Celtic_Knot
Beginner Guide for Making Your Own Paracord Bracelet
Hi everyone, I am Kevin and I am glad to be here. Today is my first day but I really want to share w
3 kevincamp145 776 2 years ago
by kleinevos
Bracelets don't look like the pattern?
I've been making bracelets for a while, but they often don't end up looking like the pattern, despit
3 Celtic_Knot 877 2 years ago
by kleinevos

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