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Tips and problems while tying

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Transfer normal pattern into alpha
Hi everyone, I would like to know if someone could transfer this nornal pattern #92289, into alpha p
2 Montsita 631 2 years ago
by Montsita
Why oh why?
I am new to this way of making bracelets. I am okay at it, but when I do certian patterns, they come
3 satin666 621 2 years ago
by G_Y_Purple
Rolling....but only sometimes?
Hi Everyone! So I'm pretty well versed in making bracelets as far as tension goes and things (not
1 MandaMae 839 2 years ago
by kleinevos
Color scheme suggestions for color blindness
Hi everyone! So my friend has asked me to make him a bracelet, and told me to pick out the patter
2 xXClanRenXx 850 2 years ago
by xXClanRenXx
Neon cotton
Hi, Any idea where can I buy Neon cotton for making bracelets. I just like to have the yarn 100% cot
3 jessinha 843 2 years ago
by kleinevos
One of my strings is too short!!
One of my strings is too short and I can't tie any more knots. Help please!!
10 G_Y_Purple 1455 2 years ago
by G_Y_Purple
String Length
I started pattern Pattern #1188 using the length the site says should be enough for a wrist bracelet
7 Dees 4259 2 years ago
by G_Y_Purple
slants in rows
I'm trying to do the alpha bracelets; however, I am having problems with tying several knots in a ro
2 kpaul0 690 2 years ago
by G_Y_Purple
Peru wave bracelet
Hello. I try to make the peru wave bravelet. The one with 2 basic strings. But whenever i make them
2 jessinha 746 2 years ago
by jessinha
Harder patterns
I want to work my way up to harder patterns with more strings. The highest number of strings I've
11 Celtic_Knot 2001 2 years ago
by LauraDeLaVerga

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