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Tips and problems while tying

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when i see a tutorial on youtube pinterest or google handles and the i handles it does is friendship
2 Hij 133 5 days ago
by kleinevos
im stuck
hi! i am new to making friendship bracelets and i am so confused on how to read the pattern. any hel
2 kdawg34 64 7 days ago
by kleinevos
Hi Guys ! Can i ask how to change the color of the pattern ?
1 amberstarriray 65 18 days ago
by kleinevos
Ending and Beginning Kumihimo bracelets
Hi everyone! I really enjoy making Kumihimo braided bracelets out of embroidery floss but I can’t s
4 WaymanGirl 305 last month
by ashleynicole
Changing/switching colors
Hi ! I'd like to do a bracelet with the #36311 pattern. I decided to do the exact same bracelet, a
2 Estelle_D 131 last month
by kleinevos
Alpha pattern question?
https://friendship-bracelets.net/Generators/Name?text=Belle Okay so I normally only do normal patte
1 belleee 117 last month
by kleinevos
usar hilos de dinto grosor
se puede hacer una pulsera usando dos hilos, uno un poco mas grueso que el otro?
1 alexkiri 96 last month
by halokiwi
Double Starry Night Bracelet
I saw the double starry night bracelet people have posted under the starry night bracelet tutorial,
4 Beri 223 last month
by Beri
Button Loop at Both Ends?
Is it possible to make a seamless loop (sort of like a button loop) at both the beginning and the en
1 olivanders 875 2 months ago
by kleinevos
Looking for a tutorial
hi, I really want to make a bracelet like this one but am unable to find a tutorial for it anywhere
2 Jenham1878 279 2 months ago
by kleinevos

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