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Tips and problems while tying

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Bracelet lengths
Sorry - I am sure someone will have asked this before and I just can't find the thread but from end
2 LynB 457 8 months ago
by LynB
How do I attach my bracelet?
Hey! I've been making bracelets for several years now, and I've been using one technique to attach
6 GoldenEyes 533 8 months ago
by LunarUnicorn121
AndieDie, i am new
Hello, I would like to know watt length of thread should we use to make the bracelet no. 100552 T
1 AndieDie 230 9 months ago
by kleinevos
Mexican name bracelet
does any body know how to make these bracelets..on heathers forum the offer a example but it doesnt
5 CheRRy_31 9133 9 months ago
by Crazydog
Reading the patterns?
I am new and I'm not sure how to read the patterns for making names. Help....?
1 sgrasso 557 9 months ago
by kleinevos
Help needed - alpha pattern
I am new to this and yes, I have read the tutorials and even watched some alpha pattern videos. I ha
4 ReactiveRAT 508 9 months ago
by Anyblia
My friend wants a choker. I've never done that before and don't know if it's even possible. Have any
2 Celtic_Knot 350 9 months ago
by Celicia
Help with this alpha bracelet color?
So one of my friend suddenly asked, can i make a bracelet like this? http://imgbox.com/9HML359p and
2 Rururong 521 11 months ago
by Rururong
Segment Knotting #8744
Can pattern #8744 be segment knotted? Is there even any reason to segment knot it? I'm still new
1 Gamgek 672 12 months ago
by kleinevos
New to this group
I see the setup for the strings but I cannot find the instructions for movement in order to create a
2 RobertShockley 493 last year
by EdBlair

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