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fruit by Valennn.mn last month

hi everyone. Can someone tell me the number of some patterns with oranges in it? or fruits?

RE : fruit by halokiwi last month

You can go to the pattern type you want (normal, alpha, kumihimo) and then search for the keywords "orange" or "fruit" to find patterns with oranges or other fruits.

Which pattern type are you looking for?

Here are some orange/fruit patterns I like:

https://friendship-bracelets.net/patterns/2248 watermelon
https://friendship-bracelets.net/patterns/45812 chocolate strawberry
https://friendship-bracelets.net/patterns/102711 cherry
https://friendship-bracelets.net/patterns/48086 orange

https://friendship-bracelets.net/patterns/alpha/32512 citrus fruits
https://friendship-bracelets.net/patterns/alpha/36751 fruits
https://friendship-bracelets.net/patterns/alpha/30383 citrus fruits
https://friendship-bracelets.net/patterns/alpha/47830 orange
There are lots of orange alpha patterns so I recommend to just search for them

https://friendship-bracelets.net/patterns/kumihimo/10505 orange
https://friendship-bracelets.net/patterns/kumihimo/6491 citrus fruits
https://friendship-bracelets.net/patterns/kumihimo/5767 orange
https://friendship-bracelets.net/patterns/kumihimo/3834 orange

I think searching yourself would really be the best option because there are so many patterns and I don't know your taste in patters

RE : fruit by Hannah11 6 days ago

Was going to respond but looks like you got a lot of options. Lol


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