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Suggesting alternate knotting structures for existing patterns
Hello, sometimes I see a pattern and I think that there would be a different way of knotting it that
1 halokiwi 83 3 days ago
by kleinevos
Pending pattern
#107613 row 10 left side out string is grey is supposed to be yellow. Also grey is supposed to be bl
1 Nerina 174 last month
by kleinevos
Making a variation
I'm after changing the colours of normal pattern #9404. I can see from another post that there is no
2 thebookdevourer 126 2 months ago
by halokiwi
How to add a description, tags, etc. to a submitted normal patter?
I have tried submitting a few normal patterns. Two were rejected because they were too similar (I be
0 dog2879 81 2 months ago
by dog2879
Kumihimo Color Issues
Kumihimo generator will only change colors to red. I've refreshed the page and tried the color picke
3 Books and Bracelets 276 3 months ago
by Books and Bracelets
Chevron that turns into vertical stripes?
Hello, I'm new, and I'm trying to basically make this... https://static.dezeen.com/uploads/2018/0
4 ArCee 586 4 months ago
by halokiwi
Generator insisting on top row matching bottom row and wont let me save
This is the error: Error: This generator only accepts repeating patterns. Please make sure that the
1 feralwifey 242 6 months ago
by Celicia
How to generate a kimihimo pattern
How to make kimihimo pattern
2 Lvbrd 433 6 months ago
by LuLoveLock
I spent a LOT of time on a Dr who tardis pattern but forgot to add tags and stuff so it got rejected
2 RekirNoir 317 6 months ago
by kleinevos
Alpha generator won't let me submit
Yesterday I tried submitting an alpha pattern, but I got a pop up message saying there was an unknow
4 Cerulean Cephalopod 386 7 months ago
by kleinevos

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