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Hi. My name is Stefan and I'm from Sweden. I started my "bracelet career" when I was about 16 or something in middle school. I liked the technique a lot and made bracelets to sell at christmas fairs and stuff. I was particularily interested in how to make own patterns and I made them by hand almost every day!!!

I made this homepage some years ago (must be like 2006) when I had learnt PHP and started my programming interest. By then, the homepage only contained step-by-step instructions how to make bracelets. But as my programming skills increased, I made the first version of my Pattern Generator and it was a great success. I also allowed visitors to upload their own patterns they had generated but a few times it ended up in copyright questions.

In may 2008 I started this website with new features like more advanced functions for logging in, publishing patterns, and a great search tool for bracelets.

Right now I'm 22 years old and I do not tie bracelets anymore. I still program a lot when I have some time over. I am studying the masters program of engineering physics at Ume? University in Sweden so I don't have much time. Still I get huge kicks when I get response on my work on my websites. Sometimes I get obsessed and must work on something on the website and my studying time suffers :). But there has never been a problem.

I hope you like my site and that you will develop the same interest I did when I was younger. Enjoy!